Roll Label Die Cutting Machine

Rotary die cutting machine VR3350D

Roll-to-Roll & Roll-to-Sheet Label Cutter!

The VICUT digital label cutter VR3350D is most advanced roll-to-roll and roll-to-sheet digital blade finishing system! It allows customers to digitally die-cut label stock and convert it either roll to roll, or roll to sheet with an inline sheeting unit.

The high speed cutting head is designed to run at speeds up to 9m/min, and it can be equipped with up to 12 cutting heads at once!

The label die cutter VR3350D is perfect for short to medium length print finishing, and even more enticing is the ability to automatically sheet to size without any additional equipment. You can use the sheeting system inline with cutting, or as an offline solution to cut roll products to any length needed!


  • Rotary die cutting machine VR3350D

    Fast and high precison with full-servo motor

  • Rotary die cutting machine VR3350D

    Fully automatic tension and feeding control

  • Rotary die cutting machine VR3350D

    Intelligent position,choose file automatically.

  • Rotary die cutting machine VR3350D

    Standard 4 cutting heads,distance can be adjusted automatically

  • Rotary die cutting machine VR3350D

    Support 3 units cutting simultaneously

  • Rotary die cutting machine VR3350D

    Intelligent cutting with trajectory optimization

Technical Parameters

Model NameDigital Label Die Cutter VR3350D
Maxi. roll diameter450mm
Cutting media width40--350mm
Max. label size350x600mm
Mini. label length10mm
Min. distance between labels2mm
Min.distance from mark to edge2mm
Min.distance between jobs2mm
Max. die cutting speed9m per minute (depends on label shape and size)
No. of die cutting heads4pcs heads(default), up to 12pcs heads with 3 stations.
Die cutting bladesTungsten steel blades
Die cutting precision0.1mm (duplicate)
Web guide Ultrasonic guided correction(BST from Germany)
Tension system 6-axis automatic tension
Code ScannerCCD camera
Mark SensorReflective photoelectric sensor
Slitting width10 ~ 330mm
Slitting blades4pcs(standard ), up to 15pcs
Slitting speed100m/min
Slitting precision0.1mm
Data transfer methodPC direct
Working voltage100-240V AC, 2000W
Machine dimension200cm(L) x 119cm(W) x 157cm(H)
Packing size1700*1150*1570mm
Optional functionMultiple die cutting heads up to 12pcs
Multiple slitting units up to 15pcs
Upper rewinder
Film base paper removing device
Inline sheeter

Details Description

Multiple die cutting heads

VR3350D works with multiple die cutting heads, up to 12 heads(3 stations) work at once, highly increase working efficiency.

CCD Camera Identify System

The CCD camera positioning and identify system can recognize the sequence codes of each jobs, so that job exchanges can be done automatically smooth during feeding and cutting.

Reflective photoelectric mark sensor

The positioning sensor scans the marked points printed on the material to obtain the cutting dies information and feed it back to the machine control system, so as to realize the digital cutting.

High Precision feeding Detection System (BST from Germany)

Utilizing high precision ultrasonic web-guide system from Germany, make sure the paper feeding in correct way, ready for next die cutting step.

Cold lamination

Automatic lamination before die cutting, makes finishing labels more durable and more widely application. The back liner film remover is optional.

Automatic waste removal and tension system

Under the 6-axis automatic tension of the waste discharge system, the label cutting waste paper will be automatically removed and separated from the winding, so as to obtain a clean label roll for the next process.

Slitting system

Utilize square blades, automatically cut the label paper into small rolls as needed,up to 15pcs blades can be used. Maximum slitting speed can reach to 100m/min.

Down rewinder

Default main rewinder for roll to roll process.

Easy-to-use dedicated software

• Running status can be seen in a real-time.

• Support file database.

• Choose the quantity of the heads based on graphics.

• Intelligent cutting with trajectory optimization.

• Adjust heads distance automatically.

• Auto-generate the working records.

Upper rewinder. (Optional)

Optional upper rewinder to separate labels in every second row after slitting.

Inline Roll to Sheet Cutting System.(optional)

The optional built-in sheet cutting module can be in-lined with the main die-cutting to perform the roll to sheet cutting process.

Film base paper removing device.(optional)

In some areas, there is backing paper on the cold laminating film, which can be removed before laminating by this device.

Tools & Accessories

  • Rotary die cutting machine VR3350D

    Die Cutting Blades

    Special 45 degree 10U die cutting blade, suitable for cutting 0.25 mm thick adhesive label materials such as sticker, coated paper, synthetic paper, PP, PET, etc.

  • Rotary die cutting machine VR3350D

    Die Cutting Blades Holder

    Precision blade holder, built-in bearing design, cooperate with machine blade compensation function, make cutting more smooth. Easy to install the blade and adjust the distance between the blade tips.

  • Rotary die cutting machine VR3350D

    Slitting Blades

    Tungsten steel ring blades, high cutting precision to divide big rolls into smaller one.


Applicable Industry: VR320 roll to roll label finisher is mainly used in producing wide range of labels including blank labels, ink labels, chemical labels, beverage labels, bottled water labels, chili source labels,coffee labels, cosmetic labels, home appliance label,toiletries label, gum label,wine labels and more.

Applicable Materials: Stickers, Paper, PP, BOPP, PET, PVC & More!

Working Samples:

Rotary die cutting machine VR3350DRotary die cutting machine VR3350DRotary die cutting machine VR3350DRotary die cutting machine VR3350D
Rotary die cutting machine VR3350DRotary die cutting machine VR3350DRotary die cutting machine VR3350DRotary die cutting machine VR3350D
Rotary die cutting machine VR3350DRotary die cutting machine VR3350DRotary die cutting machine VR3350DRotary die cutting machine VR3350D