Digital Labels_Stickers

In-house labels, stickers and so on........

Suitable models: sheet feeding label cutter SC-350, roll to roll label finisher VR30/VR30X/VR240/VR240X/VR320/VR3350D/VR330LP

With the rise of DIY needs, the demand for customized labels is increasing quickly. Traditional label die-cutting equipment are not the best choice because of its high starting cost, long production cycle and difficult debugging. The digital die-cutting machine can quickly complete the label production according to the personalized needs of users, without the need for traditional mold, low cost, more and more popular with label manufacturers. According to the label market demand,VICUT has launched several types of digital die-cutting equipment for label manufacturers of different scales to meet the demand of DIY label production.

The VICUT Vulcan series sheet label cutter SC-350 with automatic feeding, handle sheets label application with fast speed, best solution for sheets labels, DIY stickers, etc.

The VICUT VR30 is the smart solution of digital label finishing for roll materials. Perfect for short run label finishing, as well as pre-press sampling.  It helps companies who are using pre-cut materials to save money by switching to continuous materials. Easy learning software will allow you to be up and running in minutes.

The digital label cutting machine VR330LP is an all-in-one label finisher, with multiple functions including printing, laminating, die cutting, slitting and rewinding, provides the perfect solution for small batch label production.

VICUT VR240 is a desktop blade finisher designed for commercial and in-house professional labels production.It features dual cutting heads as well as inline lamination and slitting for a full production work-flow, perfect for on-demand label production including cannabis labels, cosmetic labels, custom water bottle labels, stickers, etc.

VICUT VR320, the middle level digital label finisher, it is a digital knife die cutter combined flatbed and roll to roll system, well known as the most cost-effective and fastest digital label finisher. It is an all-in-one model including laminating, matrix removal, slitting, trimming and separate rewinding. Automatic deviation correction guarantees paper feeding straightness throughout the operation. Up to 4sets die cutting heads available, the pressure of each head can be controlled independently.

The VR3350D is the worlds first roll-to-roll AND roll-to-sheet digital blade finishing system! It allows customers to digitally die-cut label stock and convert it either roll to roll, or roll to sheet with an inline sheeting unit. The VR3350D is also the first blade cutter designed with the end user in mind. It features an intuitive software which is easy to learn, as well as an inline series number reader for automatic job changes.In addition to lamination, slitting, and waste removal, the VR3350D also features an automated web guide to ensure your product is running smooth through the machine at all times.The VR3350D is perfect for short to medium length print finishing, and even more enticing is the ability to automatically sheet to size without any additional equipment. You can use the sheeting system inline with cutting, or as an offline solution to cut roll products to any length needed!