Roll Label Die Cutting Machine

Multiple Blades Digital Label Cutter VR350

The VICUT multiple blades digital die cutter VR350, equipped with maximum six blades, heads distance is fully automatic adjustable with Al software control, which is perfect for short to medium length print finishing.With linear system,users are able to work with high end laminating films, two re-winders at final step can make it more convenient to rewind the small rolls after slitting.

Optional inline sheeting system is able to cut roll into sheets easily, or it can be used as an offline solution to cut roll products to any length needed!
The VICUT VR350 is also designed with the end user in mind. It features an intuitive software which is easy to learn, as well as an in line codes reader for automatic job changes.
In addition to lamination, slitting, and waste removal, the VICUT VR350 also features an automated web guide to ensure your product is running smooth through the machine at all times.


  • Multiple Blades Digital Label Cutter VR350

    All-in-One solution

    Lamination,matrix removal,slitting,rewinding.ect.

  • Multiple Blades Digital Label Cutter VR350

    Automatic job exchange

    CCD scan the codes marks to read the job data,to realized the cutting job changes.

  • Multiple Blades Digital Label Cutter VR350

    Automatic Intelligence technology applied

    The cutting heads distance is fully automatic adjustable.

  • Multiple Blades Digital Label Cutter VR350

    Trajectory Optimization

    Automatically calculates optimal usage of heads in each step of cutting for a specific job.

  • Multiple Blades Digital Label Cutter VR350

    Long label cutting ability

    Max.340mm x 1250mm size label cutting

  • Multiple Blades Digital Label Cutter VR350

    Fast cutting speed

    Max.die cutting speed 9m/min easily cutting 7x15cm square.

  • Multiple Blades Digital Label Cutter VR350

    Automatic web guide

    Ensure smooth paper feeding with no offset for next step working process.

  • Multiple Blades Digital Label Cutter VR350

    Optional Accessories

    Separate inline roll to sheet cutter.

Technical Parameters

No.of cutting headsstandard 4 heads,up  to 6 heads
Working speed9m/minute(cut 7cm x l5 cm square)
Max.label length1250 mm
Cutting media width100-350mm
Maxi.roll diameter450mm
Maxi.laminating roll diam.300mm
Max.matrix roll diam.350mm
Max.rewinder roll diam.upper rewinder roller 350mm;down rewinder roller 450mm
Operation systemEmbedded computer with Ai operation software and Large screen LCD monitor
Heads distance adjumentAutomatic distance adjustment between all cutting heads
Unwinder & Rewinder1 unwinder and 2 rewinder with mechanic expansion
Reg. marks typedot marks+number codes/QR Code
Positioning deviceElectric eye+CCD camera
Job exchange functionYes
Data transfer methodPC direct
Die cutting precision0.1mm(repeat)
Slitting width10-330mm
Slitting systemRound knife slitting System with position adjustment(5slitters, max.15)
Slitting speedmax. loomper minute
Slitting precision0.1mm
File formatPLT,DXF
Working voltageAC l00-240V,50-60HZ,1000 Watts
Machine dimension1800*1080*1460mm
Packing Size216*130*197CM
OptionalMultiple slitting units&Separate inline sheet cutting system

Details Description

Unwinding system

The unwinding roller of the VR350 machine can accommodate rolls with a maximum diameter of 450mm

High Precision Web Guide Feeding System

Utilizing the ultrasonic web-guide system,it makes the feeding perfectly

Waste Removing System

The Presion machinery design can control the roller rotating uniform,avoid remaving waste discontinuously due to unstable pressure and keep finished labels clean

Cold Laminating

The VR350 machine comes standard wrth a cold laminating function,making the labels more durable. The maximum diameter of the laminated shaft is 350MM

Laminating Film Liner Removal System

Additionla rewinding roller for remove the back paper of laminabng film,users are able to use high-end laminating film,makes final labels durable and up-market.

Precision Slitting System

Up to 15pcs slitting blades,easily slitting big roll into small rolls for final labeling process. High speed with 100m per minute,it also can be used as independent slitting System

Digital Die-cutting System

VR350 digital label cutter utilizes high precision screw transmission system.Equipped with up to 6pcs cutting heads,the heads distance is fully automatic adjustable according to the labels quantity and shapes. It is easy to install  blades and fix it tightly for continually high speed cutting

CCD Identify System

The CCD camera position and identify system can recognize the sequence,reach the function of changing file and cut next graphics automatically

Rewinding System

VR350 featured with two re-winders at final step of  roll  label finishing,easier to rewind small rolls after slitting. The appropriate tension makes the material collection more precise and the coil material neat, providing great convenience for the next labeling process

Easy-to-use Cutting Software

unning status can be seen in a reaI-time .Support file  database

Choose the quantity of the heads based on graphics Intelligent cutting with trajectory optimization .Choose the heads distance automatically

Auto-generate the working records

Standard Industrial Computer

VR350 label die cutter worked with high-end industrial computer,with software installation and parameters setting ready for users, providing extremely convenience for operators.Cutting files will be sent directly  from PC to machine,no need additional U-disk or cables

Optinal Function

Roll to Sheet Cutter RS350

It is suitable for transverse cutting of various roll materials

Suitable materials:

Self-adhesive ,PP synthetic ,aluminum plastic film,PET,PVC,white card,copper plate and other paper and flexible materials.

Techical Parameters:

Cutting media width: 100-350mm

Maxi label width: 350mm

Mini label width: 10mm

Maxi label length: 500mm

Highest paper cutting speed: 150/min

Cutting Tracking: single mark or doulbe mark 

Cutting accuracy: 0.1mm


Weight: 180kg

Power Supply: 220-240VAC 50-60HZ ,500W

Tools & Accessories

  • Multiple Blades Digital Label Cutter VR350

    Blade Holder

    Precision blade holder,built-in bearing design,cooperate with machine blade compensation function, make cutting more smooth. Easy to install thebladeandadjust the distance between the blade tips

  • Multiple Blades Digital Label Cutter VR350

    Die Cutting Blades

    Special 45 degree die cutting blade, suitable for cutting 0.25mm thick adhesive label materials such as sticker, coated paper,synthetic paper,PP, PET,etc.


Applocable Industy

VR350 roll to roll label finisher is mainly used for medium volume on-demand label production including blank labels, ink labels, chemical labels, beverage labels, bottled water labels, ch山source labels,coffee labels, cosmetic labels, home appliance label,toiletries label, gum label,wine labels and more

Applicable Materials

Stickers,Paper, PP, BOPP, PET,PVC&More

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Multiple Blades Digital Label Cutter VR350





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Multiple Blades Digital Label Cutter Multiple Blades Digital Label Cutter Multiple Blades Digital Label Cutter