Roll Feeding Flatbed Cutter

DTF Flatbed Cutter VFC90

The VICUT roll feeding digital flatbed cutter VF C90 designed with conveyor table, grating ruler and a-levels cutting force settlement, it is mainly used to cut soft medias without cutting dies, It rs an efficient solution of full cutting, half cutting, perforating,marking, etc. It works along with DTF printers and heat transfer machine to provide one -stop DTF solution.


  • DTF Flatbed Cutter VFC90

    Advanced Algorithm

    Obvious elimination of distorted, rounded or lifted corners.

  • DTF Flatbed Cutter VFC90

    Static Free

    The problem of friction electrostatic interference when cutting soft thin materials is solved.

  • DTF Flatbed Cutter VFC90

    High Precision

    GR series flatbed cutter is able to cut small text strings(minimum 0.8mm circle), and it is easy to tear off the scraps.

  • DTF Flatbed Cutter VFC90

    Clean Smooth Edge Quality

    The Grating Ruler and corespondent cutting force management deliver clean smooth edge quality.

  • DTF Flatbed Cutter VFC90

    No Need OVERCUT

    In every cutting path, the start and end point join with each other accurately, while no need to setup any OVERCUT.

  • DTF Flatbed Cutter VFC90

    Cutting Force in 8 Step, Multiple Layers Solution

    Color the cutting paths differently for various force steps, set the processing sequence as color sequence.This is good for cutting medias with multiple layers, which requires different cutting force in different layer.

  • DTF Flatbed Cutter VFC90

    One-click to Clear History

    One-click deletion button for the currently print document and clear it completely from buffer memory.

  • DTF Flatbed Cutter VFC90

    Full cut/Half Cut/ Perforation/Marking, etc

    Every time you may carry out either one or both.

  • DTF Flatbed Cutter VFC90

    DXF Direct Output

    It is compatible with DXF file directly while no need any format transition.

  • DTF Flatbed Cutter VFC90

    Segmented Registration and Cutting

    Multiple registration marks in segmented areas, available for more precise axis alignment. Contour cutting is performed sequentially in each segmented area, which improves accuracy and tracking for heavier media or media that has been laminated during cutting big size image.

  • DTF Flatbed Cutter VFC90

    Handshake Protocol

    We supply Software Development Kit/SDK to match with user’s software, provide technical support,meet customization requirements.

Technical Parameters

Working size on X axisNon-contour cutting: 735mm; Contour cutting: 725mm
Working size on Y axisSheet media: 900mm;  roll media: whole roll width800mm
Cut media thickness0.03mm-1.5mm
Applicable media Soft and medium rigidity medias
Method to fix mediaVacuum table(1.1kw vacuum pump with muffler)
Method to feed mediaConveyor belt & roll media bracket
Max.cutting speed600mm/s
Max.cutting force600G/5.8N in 8 steps
Cutting force setupAdjustable in every 1G
Cutter blade diameterΦ2.0mm
Cutter blade angles60˚
Dotted lines cuttingincluded
DriveAC Servo
Mechanical resolution0.0125mm
Compatible OSWin 10/8/7/XP
Memory buffer2MB
SoftwareCDR.Plugin / Maintop, Cadlink/Flexi
LCD languageEnglish/Chinese
File formatHP-GL, PLT, DXF, CAM
Port in standardUSB, U-Disk
Reg marks detectionCCD Camera
Power input110V/220V,50-60HZ
Power consumption2200W  (inculding vacuum pump)
Working tools1pcs blade holder, 1pcs pen holder, 10pcs cutting blades
Media bracketincluded
Packing size(L-W-H)1600x1400x1240mm
Weight (N.W)210kg/305kg

Details Description

Advanced Tool Carriage

The tool carriage adopts the structure of sports car, using of silent voice coil motor makes it outstrip it’s rivals. The tool carriage is featured as fast, agile and no overheat for long-time non-stop operation. It is a leading tool carriage in the same field in China.

Suction Cup Feeding Device

Several suction cups are installed on the beam of the cutter to help drag the media to the forefront of the machine for convenient processing.

Vacuum System

Strong air flow to hold down the media flatly and tightly against the table top so that the tool carriage can perform fast, accurate cutting / plotting.

Auto Feeding Conveyor System

Conveyor is able to accomplish long seamless cutting / plotting. With the combination of CCD camera, fast and accurate nesting / contour cutting is performed.

Oriented Roll Media Bracket

It is smooth to feed media with the media bracket, user may setup the bracket according to media feature and specs. The bracket improves productivity.

Grating Ruler

Inevitably material surface is not level from point to point, the grating ruler is applied to measure the distance between blade tip and material surface, and the cutting depth is adjusted in every 0.01mm by the controller accordingly. Then the blade travels up and down as material surface goes to keep the same cutting depth at any position of the tool paths across the entire table. In short, Grating Ruler is of key importance for consistent cutting depth.

Making Blade-tip Compensation by chip

Our system makes blade-tip compensation by hardware(main board) instead of software, the cutter works with constant high precision no matter what kind of CAD / CAM software is applied.

Servo Motor / Closed Loop Control

Intelligent servos bring out smooth acceleration, big torque, precise cutting / plotting operation, excellent durability and volume production. Servos ensure the vinyl cutter to run at Max. Speed: 600mm/s.

Fast Registration Marks Detection with CCD Camera

With our dedicated software, it is able to generate contours in one-click, and it is easy to add registration marks.CCD camera, used in combination with related software is applied to detect the intricate dieless contours fast and more efficiently. Problems caused by position error of human, poor quality printing are resolved. CCD camera is applied for wide varieties of medias.

Automatic Data Retrieving with Bar-code

One touch to find the cutting job out of those saved in the USB memory by scanning the printed Bar-code, while no need to connect to computer. Multiple jobs are processed automatically while production errors are eliminated.

Leading Software Compatibility

Leading the same industry, GR flatbed cutter is able to adapt to the latest version of popular CAD / CAM software, such as AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, Coreldraw, Flexisign, Signmaster; Various pattern software in automotive aftermarket like 3M™ Pattern and Solutions Center (PSC), Core by LLUMAR, INTEGO are already compatible to this system.

Intelligent Bleeding for Easier Overlap Operation

Intelligent Bleeding function makes overlap operation easier for the installers, this feature is very important for making and installation of big signs / indicators.

USB memory/ Duplicate cutting jobs offline

Users are enabled to duplicate the cutting jobs offline, which is much convenient than doing that with connecting to PC by USB cord. The function of duplicating cutting jobs with USB memory is a leading technology that developed by our-self. This feature is important for efficient volume production.

Quality Components

For outstanding performance and long-term reliable working, we only use world class brand name components like BANDO belt,NMB bearing, Ultra-silence Guides made by WON Korea, etc.

One-click to Load Print Driver

Optimized the process of loading print driver by one-click. User can easily send cutting jobs by any CAD that with printer feature.

Leading Calibration

Industry leading technology is applied to calibrate the perpendicular between different axes and the parallelism between track of gantry and table top.

Tools & Accessories

  • DTF Flatbed Cutter VFC90

    Vacuum blower

    GR flatbed cutter work with stable quality vacuum blower, continually working more than 24 hours without overheating issues.

  • DTF Flatbed Cutter VFC90

    Fine blade holder

    Cutter blade runs precisely and won’t drop cutting thick, sticky medias.

  • DTF Flatbed Cutter VFC90

    Series cutting blades available

    Angle: 30°/Φ 2.0mm for thicker media or small character
    Angle: 60°/Φ2.0mm for reflective film
    Angle: 45°/Φ2.0mm for PPF/PET film


Suitable materials: 

  1. PET Film for DTF Printer

    DTF ,direct transfer film,which is a new technology for heat transfer-digital offset heat transfer.

  2. Other flexible media thickness from 0.03-1.5mm.

    Such as reflective films,heat transfer films,paint protection films/PPF,vehicle wrap,window tint ,vinyl sticker, managet sticker, sandblast resist rubber, mobile phone decoration film, multiple layer film, film for flexible Circuit ,glass film, PVC film and more.

  3. Paper Cutter

      Up to 500gsm.

Suitable Field: Automotive aftermarket, vehicle decoration, traffic signs industry, sign makers, packaging, apparel signing, shoes designing, bags designing, composite industry, offset printing, samples making, POP displays, and more.

Working Samples:

DTF Flatbed Cutter VFC90DTF Flatbed Cutter VFC90DTF Flatbed Cutter VFC90DTF Flatbed Cutter VFC90
DTF Flatbed Cutter VFC90DTF Flatbed Cutter VFC90DTF Flatbed Cutter VFC90DTF Flatbed Cutter VFC90
DTF Flatbed Cutter VFC90DTF Flatbed Cutter VFC90DTF Flatbed Cutter VFC90DTF Flatbed Cutter VFC90
DTF Flatbed Cutter VFC90DTF Flatbed Cutter VFC90DTF Flatbed Cutter VFC90DTF Flatbed Cutter VFC90

Working Process:

DTF Flatbed Cutter VFC90DTF Flatbed Cutter VFC90DTF Flatbed Cutter VFC90DTF Flatbed Cutter VFC90