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Digital Laminating & Foiling Machine VL-450X

VICUT multifunctional digital lamination system VL-450X, feeding paper by automatic air suction, the automatic lifting and feeding platform can accommodate media sheets with a height of 7cm, equals to 8000 sheets of copy paper (60gsm). The self-developed software design has a more user-friendly operation interface, automatic identification of paper length without setting, which improves the working efficiency of the whole machine, also guarantee the accuracy of lap and pull-off, so that the whole system runs more stably, and the productivity is greatly improved.


  • Digital Laminating & Foiling Machine VL-450X

    Fully automatic

    Automatic paper feeding and blowing to remove static electricity; Automatic segmentation and pull-off, no need to set the paper length, no need calculation for making a bridge betvveen each paper

  • Digital Laminating & Foiling Machine VL-450X

    multifunctional applications

    VL-450X can be used as at aditional laminating machine, a professional foiling machine, or a cold laminating machine, and has a waste discharge function for the old laminating base paper. The entire rocessing process is fully automated without need for intervention

  • Digital Laminating & Foiling Machine VL-450X

    Anti-curl technology

    Our unique anti-curl technology, with a control button, ensures that whatever you laminate--a menu, a book cover or a sheet of business cards--comes out flat with no curl or uplift.

  • Digital Laminating & Foiling Machine VL-450X

    No need compressed air

    Manually control the tension of the shaft, no need for additional compressed air ,making operation more convenient and less limited by working environment.

  • Digital Laminating & Foiling Machine VL-450X

    Smooth paper feeding

    The paper feeding is smooth and the problem of electrostatic adhesion is solved

  • Digital Laminating & Foiling Machine VL-450X

    Hydraulic pressure control

    More pressure available, makes laminating quality perfect for any jobs

  • Digital Laminating & Foiling Machine VL-450X

    User-friendly machine design

    The hollow design of the machine base allows for convenient placement of sheets, films, and tools. Universal wheels atthe bottom, it is easy to move the machine,very friendly for printing shops who have limit space

  • Digital Laminating & Foiling Machine VL-450X

    Safer heating method

    Using electric heating tubes for heating is safer than traditional oil pressure heating and avoids the risk of explosion

  • Digital Laminating & Foiling Machine VL-450X

    Film slitting function

    Equipped with film slitting knife, the film width can be adjusted according to customer demand

  • Digital Laminating & Foiling Machine VL-450X

    Fingertip Control

    Easy navigation touch screen, easy to understand operation.

Technical Parameters

Min. Paper sheets


Max. Paper sheets


Working mode

single-sided hot film, cold film, foiling

Heating method

electric tube heating

Warm-up time

5-10 minutes

Foiling speed


Coating temperature

10- -- 120°C

Paper thickness


Mirror roller diameteter


Film Core diameter


Film diameter


Maxi. film width


Display control

Resistive LCD touch screen panel

Control mode

electronic temperature control


hydraulic control

Paper feeding mode

Automatic suction pape「feeding

Paper collecting

adjustable paper collecting tray

Automatic pull-off

electric CAM control



Anti-curl technology


Breaking function

Automatic breaking

Electric power


Working Voltage

220-240VI 50-60HZ



Net weight


Gross weight

Package 1: 241 kgs; Package 2 : 38kgs

Machine floor size


Details Description

Automatic paper feeding system

The control system accurately controls the lifting of the paper platform automatically feeding paper.Stacking up to 7cm,equals to improves productivity and liberates labor.

Intelligent sensor

The intelligent sensor uses the system's own calculation and detection to automatically adjust the edge and pull-off position ,satisfy customers  with different paper laminating at the same time

Easy-to-use touch panel

User friendly control panel provides instant digital control, including speed and temperature for laminates and foiling, the sheets counting numbers  also can be seen on thepanel.

Anti double sheet adJustment system

By selecting the paper weight, the machine automatically adjusts the paper feeding height to ensure that one sheet is fed at a time

Safety protection

The heating foiler area is equipped with a safety protection cover. If the protecton cover is opened, the machine Will report an error and stop working ,which can protect the operator during machine operation.

Unwinding roller shaft

The feeding shaft is manually tightened.Easy to load film on the roller without removing the shaft,fast and convenient.

Hydraulic pressure control

Unique pressure control ensure that your rollers apply perfect pressure, providing you with consistent and perfect surface treatment in any Job.

Foiling waste removal system

Automatic waste removal and tension system for hot stamping  pattern.  Under  the  tension  of  the waste discharge system,the waste film will be automatically removed and  separated  from  the  winding,  delivers clean flaring sheets. This device also can be used fo「high -end cold laminating film with base paper

Pressure roller(mirror type)

VL-450X equipped with mirror type steel pressure roller, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, strong hardness,and smoothness,provides clean and smooth laminating quality.

Anti-curl button

During the laminating process, it is very simple to adjust the curI of the paper



Equipped with laminating and foiling devices, adding metallic, laminating and holographic effects to digital prints, with compact and environmentally-friendly design, VL-450X is designed to offer an in-house decorative effects solution for short-run, on demand digital applications, as well as lamination for traditional lithographic offset output too!

Working Samples


Digital Laminating   


Business Cards

 Digital Laminating

DIY Invitation Cards

Digital Laminating 

DIY Packaging Boxes

Digital Laminating 

Products Brochures

 Digital Laminating


Digital Laminating 

Suitable laminating films for VL-450X

Digital Laminating

Cold lamination films

Various finishes including:gloss,matt and soft touch, for Litho and digital print. Digital laminates are corona-treated for subsequent over-printing

Digital Laminating

Foil flaring films

available in a growing range of colors including: gold, silver, rose gold,copper, red,green,blue,violet, black, white and clear gloss.All can be applied direct to print

Digital Laminating

Holographic flaring films

Such as: sparkle, milky way,crystal, carbon fibrer Perfect for adding premium effects to print.

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