Roll Label Die Cutting Machine
  • Digital Roll Label Cutter VR30X

  • Digital Roll Label Cutter VR30X

Digital Roll Label Cutter VR30X

All-in-one blade cutter for in-house label finishing


The VICUT VR30X is a blade finisher designed for commercial and in-house professional labels production. It can be paired with a variety of full color label printers for a complete label printing and finishing solution. It features die cutting as well as inline lamination and slitting for a full production work-flow, perfect for on-demand label production including cannabis labels, cosmetic labels, custom water bottle labels, stickers, etc.


  • Digital Roll Label Cutter VR30X

    All-in-one web guide system including laminating,die cutting,slitting,wasting,rewinding

  • Digital Roll Label Cutter VR30X

    HD LCD touch screen,human-computer interaction is more convenient

  • Digital Roll Label Cutter VR30X

    Easy-to-use CutStudio cutting center, compatible with AI/CDR plugin

  • Digital Roll Label Cutter VR30X

    USB/U disk/Ethernet/WiFi, multi-mode file transfer

  • Digital Roll Label Cutter VR30X

    Edge sensor correction slitting system, easy rewinding for next works steps

  • Digital Roll Label Cutter VR30X

    QR code registration system, available for job exchange function

  • Digital Roll Label Cutter VR30X

    CCD camera scan device

  • Digital Roll Label Cutter VR30X

    Blank cut and contour cut

Technical Parameters

Model Name

Digital Label Die Cutter VR30X width


Max.cutting width(blank label


Max.contour cutting width


Maxi.label size

contour cutting&   blank cutting


Mini.label size

contour cutting& blank   cutting



Servo motor

Scan device

CCD camera

Control panel

7 inch touchscreen

Registration marks

Dot mark+QR code




Cutting speed


Max.cutting force


No. of slitting heads

4pcs (maximum 8pcs)

Maxi.dia.of paper feed roll


Maxi.dia. of film roll


Maxi. dia.of paper rewinding roll


Maxi.dia.of waste roll


File transfer mode

USB interfaceNet interfaceU disk and WiFi

Working voltage


Consumption power

Max. 350W

Machine dimension

L 1030mm×W 770mm×H 700mm

Package size

L 1250mm×W 1070mm×H 910mm

Gross/Net weight

245±5kg /365±5kg

Details Description

CCD camera

VR30X die cutting machine adopts CCD camera to read the QR code on the printed files,to realize the job exchange function, so that users can print different jobs in one roll, to fulfill DIY label needs.

User friendly touch screen panel

7 inch touch screen operation panel, professional UI interface design, in line with user habits, operation is more convenient.

Multiple file transfer methods

VR30X roll label cutter supports network and U disk/USB cable/WIFI/LAN/Internal disk for die cutting files transmission.

Easy-to-use software

Dedicated software CutStudio works with AI and CDR plugin, easy to adjust the offset, ending point, etc. to optimize the cutting file.

Laminating system

Automatic lamination before die cutting, makes finishing labels more durable and more widely application.

Die cutting center

The VR30X adopts the commonly used plotter cutting type which is fast, low noise, easy to adjust pressure, and easy to install blades.

Automatic waste removal and tension system

Under the tension of the waste discharge system, the label cutting waste paper will be automatically removed and separated from the winding, so as to obtain a clean label roll for the next process.

Edge sensor correction slitting system

Two edge sensors used to detect media edge,make sure the slitting accuracy, convenient for next step jobs.It could automatically cut the label paper into small rolls as needed,up to 8pcs blades can be used.

Automatic rewinding system

After slitting,the rewinding roller will automatically rewind the finishing labels, ready for next step(labeling).

Optional Functions--Slitting unit

The standard slitting units for VR30X is 4pcs, user can choose the quantity of slitting blades as required, up to 8pcs. The slitting functions can be used alone, as slitting-only-mode.

Stainless steel blades, stable slitting the paper roll into small rolls for further processing

Tools & Accessories

  • Digital Roll Label Cutter VR30X

    Blade holder

    Precision blade holder, easy to install the blade and adjust the distance between the blade tips.

  • Digital Roll Label Cutter VR30X

    Die Cutting Blades

    1) Drag blade for standard films, script, masking film, etc. Cutting angle 30°, wedge angle 30°,Offset 0.25 mm, diameter 1mm. 2) Drag blade for small fonts, stickers, thin paper, etc. Cutting angle 45°, wedge angle 30°, Offset 0.25mm,diameter 1mm. 3) Drag blade for thick media.Cutting angle 60°, wedge angle 30°, Offset 0.25mm, diameter 1mm.

  • Digital Roll Label Cutter VR30X

    Slitting blades

    Stainless steel blades, stable slitting the paper roll into small rolls for further processing.



Applicable Industry: VR30X roll to roll label finisher is mainly used for small volume on-demand label production including blank labels, ink labels, chemical labels, beverage labels, bottled water labels, chili source labels,coffee labels, cosmetic labels, home appliance label,toiletries label, gum label,wine labels and more.

Applicable Materials: Stickers, Paper, PP, BOPP, PET, PVC & More!


Digital Roll Label Cutter VR30X


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Digital Roll Label Cutter VR30X