FSP Industry Purchasing Manager Visit To VICUT

Dec 18 , 2019

Ton Binh, Purchasing Manager of FSP Industry of Champion Group Vietnam Branch, and his wife visited VICUT to inspect the machine.

FSP Industry is a comprehensive service provider that provides printing-post cutting-color management. Jack and Kimi accompanied the customer throughout the inspection and introduced the factory's production situation, the main production models and applicable fields. Main inspection models: Roll Cutting Machine, Tablet and Anytron Roll Label Machine.

The customer visited the company's production workshop and also tested the machine on site. The customers are impressed by VICUT's Sheet Label Cutter and printing equipment which have excellent performance, clean and orderly production site, as well as VICUT's strict quality control.

The customer stated that they really liked VICUT's machine. In addition, they also proposed detailed cooperation projects and forms. After the inspection, VIVUT invited customers to have dinner together. There the customer tasted the Sichuan-style hotpot with Chinese characteristics, and finally VICUT took a photo with the customer.

FSP Industry Purchasing Manager's Visit To VICUT

FSP Industry Purchasing Manager's Visit To VICUT