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Rotary Die Cutting Machine

The VICUT VCT-LCR is a roll die cutting machine for fully automatic production of free-form labels and tags in short and medium quantities. With optical positioning system and professional software Label Studio, the device enables you cut labels, warning signs, logos and many others of any size.


1. Compatible with any roll to roll label printer, cut any shape prints. 

2. The layout software Label Studio will generate both file with register marks for printing and cutting.

3. Optical sensor positioning system scans register marks automatically, ensures contour cutting.

4. Automatic matrix removal system continuously weeds label waste for a clean, professional finish. 5. Automatic web tension bars provide highly stable die-cutting performance and registration for remarkable consistency.


Field: VCT-LCR is the perfect label cutting machine for labels and tags of all shapes and sizes for small to medium quantities, making it an ideal flexible machine for use in large production sites, as well as small and medium-sized companies, such as the food and beverage industry. Our label rotary die cutting machine can fulfill all your needs in the field of product labeling.

Materials: stickers, glossy paper, PET, PP, PVC, PC, wall paper, material thickness up to 300gsm.

ModelRoll Label Cutter VCT-LCR
Max. applicable media width340mm
Max. cutting width280mm
Max. paper feeding size120mm
Max. cutting straight-line   speed960mm/s
Max. cutting curve-line   speed600mm/s
Max. down force750g (3g/step)
CPU64 BIT DSP 32M Flash
Repeat precision≤0.082mm
Noise35 DB or less
SoftwareLabel Studio
Ambient temperature5-35degrees
Support file formatHPGL commands
Dimension98x71x46cm (3.22x2.33x1.51ft)
Packing Size114x70x80cm (0.64CBM)



Detail Instruction

1 hole.png

Fan inhaling hole: it can adsorb the material to the machine tightly, ensure the sensor scanning the mark point more convenient and high precision.


2. ruler.png

Ruler: check the ruler number when feeding the media to adjust deviation, ensure the input and output error less than 1mm.


3.Steel thorn and Roller Pinch.png

Steel thorn and Roller Pinch: the machine is equipped with steel thorn which can fix media effectively to avoid any sliding and ensure the feeding precision.The distance between each roller can be adjusted to fit for different size media.


4.Media fixture.png

Media fixture: special for fixing the media on the correct position without offset.


5.USB line slot.png

USB line slot: fix the USB line , avoid accidental slip. 


6. Waste-removal system.png

Waste-removal System: with special designed feeding system, the media is regulated tightly to ensure the precisely and fast cutting. Besides, it offers a discharge system to remove the waste area for easier next labeling process. You can usethe two buttons to control the waste removal function ON/OFF,easily and convenient. 


7.Control panel.png

Control panel: with English interface, it supports online file transfer with U flash memory, users can easily adjust the cutting speed , pressure and movement of the media, etc.



8 optical sensor.png

Red light Optical Sensor: adopted advanced registration mark system, the optical sensor will scan the special marks generated by the label studio software, to read cutting job file and position the media precisely.


9 Register marks.png

Register Marks: it’s generated automatically by label studio software. The distrance from register marks to the edge is onyl 5mm, save material a lot.  



10 labelstudio.png

Label Studio software: the layout software Label studio will generate both file for printing and cutting.Register marks created and printed by Labelstudio are automatically scanned, the labels are plotted in high precision. 

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