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Rotary Die Cutter VR30


The VICUT VR30 is the smart solution of digital label finishing for roll materials. Perfect for short run label finishing, as well as pre-press sampling. The VR30 allows label producers to die-cut labels with ease. It helps companies who are using pre-cut materials to save money by switching to continuous materials. Easy learning software will allow you to be up and running in minutes. 

How It Works...

The dedicated software Label Studio will generate the layout and create the marks automatically on design files, the corresponding print file will be produced by appropriate rotary printing system. Once loaded, the VR30 will precisely plot all elements from the individual contours.It achieves much higher speed than regular cutting plotters due to special inline technology of the registration mark, thus offers high performance labels. With automatic waste-removal system, finished labels and cutting waste will be re-winded separately. A roll of ready-cut labels available for use in further conversion and application processes.

Convenient And Flexible Use.....

Cutout stickers and labels on virtually any substrate.

Using registration marks, VR30 is able to digitally die cut any file.

Compact size and extremely quiet cutting allow it to be used in any environment.

Saving money by switching from precut label material to die cutting after printing.

Easily Upgrade Your Business.....

VR30 is compatible with any roll printer. And its incredibly user friendly software makes loading your image and creating a cutline extremely fast and simple.

Perfect For Short-run Label Production.....

Featuring inline cutting and matrix removal, VR30 is the perfect choice for short run label production.


  • Rotary Die Cutter VR30

    Automatic Contour Cutting

    Register marks which created by LabelStudio will be automatically scanned and the labels are plotted with high precision.

  • Rotary Die Cutter VR30

    Roll To Roll Mode

    The film to be plotted is fed from a roll and also made available on a roll for further processing.

  • Rotary Die Cutter VR30

    USB Interface

    The device has a USB interface, it’s easy to transfer the file from PC to cutter to achieve directly cutting without data missing.

  • Rotary Die Cutter VR30

    Automatic Label Waste Removal

    Automatic matrix removal system continuously weeds label waste for a clean, professional finish.

  • Rotary Die Cutter VR30

    Windows 64bit Compatible

    VR30 can be controlled by 64bit operating systems.

  • Rotary Die Cutter VR30

    “Endless” Cutting

    Once the material and the file loaded, the device will quickly cut without interruption until the whole roll of material cutting completed.

  • Rotary Die Cutter VR30

    Able To Cut Both Blank Labels & Colorful Labels

    VR30 is perfect for die-cut colorful labels, it also can precut labels before printing.

Technical Parameters

ITEMRoll Label Cutter VR30
Working moderoll to roll
SoftwareLabel Studio
Control paneltouch screen control panel width340mm
Roll Width/Diameterwidth: 100-320mm; diameter:250mm
Max.cutting width300mm
Max unit blank label size300×200mm(for non-printed media)
Max.contour cutting size280×200mm(for printed media)
Max.cutting speed (straight-line)37.8"/s(960mm/S)
Max.down force750g(3g/step)
Mechanical resolution0.0125
Repeating precision<+-0.08mm
Drives controlservo
CPU64 BIT DSP 32M flash
Noise35 DB or less
Ambient temperature5-35 degrees
Support file formatHPGL commands
Machine power150w
Machine dimensions140x68x65cm
Packing size145×80×80cm/0.93cbm

Details Description


Applicable Field

The device is suitable for processing all kinds of paper labels and film labels such as ink labels, chemical labels, tea labels, coffee labels, beverage labels, bottled water labels, cosmetic labels, home appliance labels, toiletries labels, gum label, wine labels and more. Compatible materials include stickers, glossy paper,PET, PP, PVC, wall paper and so on.

Marketing Position

VR30 is the perfect roll to roll label finisher for short run label finishing, as well as pre-press sampling. It is an ideal flexible machine for using in any scale quantity required. Great choice of small and medium label production shops and many others.

Rotary Die Cutter

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Rotary Die Cutter VR30


  • VICUT VR30 Roll to Roll label cutter

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