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Roll Label Cutter VR320


The VICUT label die cutting machine VR320 is the most affordable digital label finishing system for small and medium production. It is a collection of laminating,die-cutting, slitting and rewinding, best solution for all-in-one label finishing. No cutting dies required, fast and precise digital cutting, fully satisfy on-demand label finishing. It can cut long label, and the maximum cutting length of label can reach 1.2m.


  • Roll Label  Cutter VR320

    Combination of flatbed and roll to roll mode

  • Roll Label  Cutter VR320

    Segmental cutting for long labels

  • Roll Label  Cutter VR320

    Real time independent cutting pressure control

  • Roll Label  Cutter VR320

    One-click repeat cutting function

  • Roll Label  Cutter VR320

    Automatic correction system to ensure accurate paper feeding

  • Roll Label  Cutter VR320

    Cold lamination for extended label durability

  • Roll Label  Cutter VR320

    Automatic matrix removal, slitting and separate rewinding

  • Roll Label  Cutter VR320

    Quality components ensure machine stability

  • Roll Label  Cutter VR320

    Unique trajectory optimization function ensures high precision cutting

Technical Parameters

ITEMDigital Label Die Cutter VR320
Maxi. roll diameter450mm
Cutting media width40--340mm
Max. label width320mm
Max. label length400mm (segmentation cut reach to 1200mm)
Mini. label length10mm
Min. distance between labels2mm
Min.distance from mark to edge2mm
Min.distance between jobs2mm
Max. die cutting speed6m per minute (depends on label shape and size)
No. of die cutting heads2pcs(standard ), up to 4pcs.
Die cutting bladesTungsten steel blades
Die cutting precision0.1mm (duplicate)
Die cutting mark track modeNon-mark, Single mark,double mark
Slitting width10 ~ 310mm
Slitting blades4pcs(standard ), up to 15pcs
Slitting speed100m/min
Slitting precision0.1mm
Data transfer methodUSB2.0/Ethernet 10/100Base-T/GPIO
Working voltage110-240VAC 50/60HZ, 1000WATTS
Machine dimension160*100*136cm(L*W*H)
Weight(N.W/G.W)Machine: 530kgs/640kgs
Vacuum pump: 14kgs/16kgs
Packing sizeMachine:1700*1150*1570mm
Vacuum pump:450*450*500mm

Details Description

Tools & Accessories

  • Roll Label  Cutter VR320

    Vacuum pump

    Vortex type air pump, power: 550W, speed: 2800r / min, with muffler and pressure change valve, connects to the cutting platform,fix the material on the cutting platform during the cutting process.

  • Roll Label  Cutter VR320

    Blade holder

    Precision blade holder, built-in bearing design, cooperate with machine blade compensation function, make cutting more smooth. Easy to install the blade and adjust the distance between the blade tips.

  • Roll Label  Cutter VR320

    Die Cutting Blades

    Special 45 degree die cutting blade, suitable for cutting 0.25 mm thick adhesive label materials such as sticker, coated paper, synthetic paper, PP, PET, etc.

  • Roll Label  Cutter VR320

    Slitting blades

    Tungsten steel square blades, higher cutting precision than traditional round blade.

  • Roll Label  Cutter VR320

    Air compressor

    VR320 uses automatic pneumatic tension system to ensure smooth paper feeding. Cooperates with vacuum adsorption system, changes the negative pressure into positive, ensure the paper on the cutting platform can move forward smoothly after each die cutting.


Applicable Industry

VR320 roll to roll label finisher is mainly used in producing wide range of labels including blank labels, ink labels, chemical labels, beverage labels, bottled water labels, chili source labels,coffee labels, cosmetic labels, home appliance label,toiletries label, gum label,wine labels and more.

Applicable Materials

Stickers, Paper, PP, BOPP, PET, PVC & More!

Roll Label  Cutter VR320

Packing photos

Roll Label  Cutter VR320


  • VICUT Digital Label Die Cutter VR320