Indoor & Outdoor Advertising Signs_Decals_interior decoration

Indoor & Outdoor advertising, Signs/Decals, Interior decoration.......

Suitable models: VICUT Vinyl Cutters RC-490/720/1400/1600, GR8000-80/140/180,GC-80/140/180

Ø Signmaking applications

Every company needs to advertise for itself, but advertising is often far too expensive for small to medium-sized businesses. The vinyl cutter can offer relief. The vinyl cutter is the central device in a company to use in advertising. It doesn't only save a large amount of money, but also provides plenty of room to develop your own creativity and ideas. With a vinyl cutter, you can, for example, advertise in the following ways, quickly and easily:

FCorporate signmaking

FCorporate vehicle signage

FDesign of the shop window advertising

FCreating banners and stadium advertising at events

FDesign of the premises of the Company (Room label, signs, screening applications, design elements)

FProduction of stickers and labels as so-called Print&Cut applications - first you print on eg. sign vinyl, then contour-cut with the vinyl cutter.

Ø Home applications

Anyone who wants to individually create his personal environment will find a vinyl cutter to be the right tool. With these machines, many different creative ideas can be realized like this selection shows.

FCustomized wall tattoo

FCreate kitchen surfaces

Ø Hobby applications in the fields of decoration, model making, etc.

FCreate templates for painting colorful wall design including banners, ornaments, and children's artwork.

FIndividual design of garments like t-shirts, jackets, sweat shirts etc. with flock or flex film.

Ø Automotive Aftermarket applications

The model GR8000-180 is the best competitive solution for cutting wrap films for automotive aftermarket. Through cooperation with famous brand software vendors, such as 3M, Avery, FlexiShield, etc., users can directly select our machines from the existing database software, which is simple to operate. We also provide SDK for hand-shake software development.