Business cards_Photos_Postal cards_Limo cards

Automatic cutting business cards, limo cards, postal cards, photos , etc......

Suitable models: VICUT Card Cutter CC-220/CC-330/CC-330S/PC-220

Business cards_Photos_Postal cards_Limo cards

The VICUT card cutter CC330 and CC220 is designed for automatic cutting many types of paper cards with fast speed, it is controlled by a micro-computer offering convenient cutting through preset layouts for consistency and ease of use. The interchangeable cutting cassette offers more optional functions such as creasing and perforating, and the cutting size also can be customized.

The model PC-220 is special designed for cutting ID photos, the feeding tray can hold 50-100pcs photo paper per time, perfect choice for photo shops and photographic institute.

Works along with any digital printer, or even digital photocopier, the VICUT can produce professionally-cut business cards, postal cards, limo cards, photos, tickets and so on. Warmly welcomed by the printing shops, DIY photo shops and design companies, thanks to its affordable cost, flexible functions and fast speed.

VICUT CARD CUTTER CC-330 demonstration video:

Business cards_Photos_Postal cards_Limo cards