What is a Die Cutting Machine?

Feb 20 , 2020

Today Sheet Cutter Wholesaler introduces the relevant information of die cutting machine.

Digital die-cutting machine is also called beer machine, cutting machine, CNC punching machine. It is mainly used for die-cutting of corresponding non-metal materials, stickers, EVA, double-sided tape, electronics, mobile phone pads, etc. (Half-break), creasing and bronzing operations, bonding, and automatic waste discharge. The die cutting machine uses a steel knife, metal mold, steel wire (or a stencil carved from a steel plate) to apply a certain pressure through the embossing plate to print the product. Common ones are Rotary Die Cutting Machine.

Rotary Die Cutting Machine

Rotary Die Cutting Machine

Traditional die-cutting refers to a kind of cutting process for the post-processing of printed matter. The die-cutting process can make printed matter or other paper products into a die-cutting plate for cutting according to a pre-designed graphic, so that the shape of the printed matter is no longer limited to straight edges and right angles. The traditional die-cutting production die-cutting knife is combined into a die-cutting plate according to the design requirements of the product. Under the effect of pressure, the printed matter or other plate-shaped blanks are rolled into a desired shape or cut.

With the rapid development of the electronics industry, especially the continuous expansion of the range of consumer electronics products, die-cutting not only restricts the late stage of printed matter, but also is the production of auxiliary materials for industrial electronics.

Die cutting machine commonly used products are: medical care, display signs, security protection, transportation, office supplies, electronic power, communications, industrial manufacturing, home leisure and other industries. It is used in digital cameras, automobiles and other products, and is gradually used in the above products for bonding, dustproof, shockproof, insulation, shielding, etc. The die-cutting materials used for processing are rubber, single, double-sided tape, foam, plastic, vinyl, silicon, metal thin tape, metal foil, optical film, protective film, gauze, hot-melt tape, silicone, etc.

Whether the die cutting machine is good or not, we should look at these aspects:

1. Whether the die cutting pressure is stable during the die cutting process;

2. Is the balance before and after walking;

3. Whether the material compounded on the machine is good and how many materials can be used for compounding;

4. The parallel between the material pulling axis and the material pressing axis on the machine;

5. Whether there is no vibration during machine operation.

The above is the information about the die-cutting machine introduced by the Visiting Card Cutting Machine supplier.