Welcome Indian Agents To Come To Our Company To Study

Aug 10 , 2018

During the period from August 1st to August 3th, 2018, our Indian agent Malhotra Graphics sent 3 technicians to our factory to learn the Sheet Label Cutter and Digital Flatbed Cutter. Malhotra Graphics purchased the prototype from our company in March. And made a series of marketing plans for our equipment. Due to good market feedback, we finally decided to fully integrate our label equipment series into its sales product line, and sent 3 senior technicians to inspect our company. Learning equipment installation and after-sales knowledge. Our technical staff accompanied the whole process, explained the hardware and software knowledge in detail, and let the customer test it by hand. The customer's technical staff highly appraised our equipment, saying that our equipment hardware and software are the “most simple and user-friendly equipment” that they have contacted, which is very optimistic about the market prospects of our products. During the conversation, we indicated that we will further develop new equipment and will continuously improve the current products based on customer feedback. They hurriedly said, "Your equipment is perfect, no need to make any improvements!"

The customer's affirmation is the biggest driving force for us to move forward!

Welcome Indian Agents To Come To Our Company To Study