VFC90 DTF flatbed cutting machine

May 31 , 2023

A highly intelligent CNC Digital Cutter unit. A perfect pair for our DTF solution for a seamless DTF solution. Usually,one our DTF cutter can match 3 DTF printers to work!VFC90 DTF flatbed cutting machine                                               VFC90 DTF flatbed cutting machine                                   

Application: VFC90 is able to cut 0.03mm-1.5mm media such as PET film, reflective film, heat transfer film,paint protection film, vehicle wrap, window tint, vinyl sticker, magnet sticker, sandblast resist rubber,

mobile phone decoration film, multiple layer film, circuit flexible film, glass film,PVC film, etc. 

This digital cutter is the perfect match for the DTF. Perfect for tracking long rolls, laminated designs and heavier materials.

This Digital Cutter is designed to be highly versatile under any circumstances perfect for any quantity and volume of production.


1. Advanced algorithm

Obvious elimination of distorted, rounded or lifted corners. 

2. Static free

By reasonable circuit design, static electricity can be eliminated to protect CPU. 

3. No need over cut/compensation

In every cutting path, the start and end point join with each other accurately. 

4. Multiple layers solution

With max 8 grades cutting force/speed, customers are allowed to process multiple layers. 

5. One-click to cancel working

Unlike many others, VFC90 support one-click cancel function to save materials. 

6. DXF output directly

In electron film field, dxf output is practical function. 

7. High precision

Minimum 0.8mm circle can be cut. 

8. Handshake protocol

We provide software development kit/SDK to match with client’s software. Currently,our VFC90 flatbed cutter works with cdr plugin,cad plugin,maintop,and cadlink