Sales Technology Seminar

Jul 14 , 2020

Recently, in response to sales staff feedback on market applications and customer demands, our sales team and technical team launched an in-depth discussion.

During the meeting, the small partners actively and enthusiastically spoke, there were questions and answers, and the atmosphere was quite fierce. In response to the questions and confusions of the sales staff, the technical staff gave targeted solutions and detailed answers one by one, which greatly improved the product awareness and professionalism of the sales team.

Finally, we discussed the topics of perfecting the functions of the products, market applications, competing products research and customer service. Every member shared and recorded.

It is worth mentioning that under the company's "customer-oriented, service-leading" cultural guidance, "national service" has been imprinted in everyone's mind, on the theme of "serving customers", regardless of whether sales or technical personnel are actively involved, Discussed in detail topics such as "responsiveness, professionalism, standardization of service processes, and diversification of service methods", aimed at ensuring service efficiency and improving service quality.

Sales Technology Seminar