Positive Feedback of VICUT From Our Canadian Customers

Dec 03 , 2021

VICUT is committed to treating every customer with the best service attitude and the most advanced flatbed cutting technology. Not long ago our goods were successfully delivered to Canada, and after they received the VICUT machine and used it for some time, they felt so satisfied that they even wrote me a letter back. Here is the original letter from the customer, which we are proud to share with you.

Positive Feedback of VICUT From Our Canadian Customers

Positive Feedback of VICUT From Our Canadian Customers



I would like to express our appreciation to VICUT  for making Skandacor your Canadian dealer. The experience of establishing our relationship has been very easy, there are several things that stand out about VICUT:

Prompt reply to any questions that we had, very good communication channel.

Prompt delivery of equipment from time of order, one of the quickest we have ever experienced with an overseas vendor.

The VICUT machines are very well build, the “fit and finish” of the product makes it suitable for any global market.

The packaging of the equipment was excellent, which gives a very good initial impression for any customer.

The units use very stable software that is easy to use and works well with mainstream design programs.

Initial tests have showed the machines to be built very well and operate very well.

The pricing from VICUT  allows us to be competitive in the market as well make a good profit to keep our company sustainable.

The equipment fits a very good spot in the market that isn’t crowded by competitive products.

Our plan is to launch the machines in 2022 at two trade shows as well with our own Skandacor promotions via the website and direct marketing.

Our plans are to make the VICUT machines a good part of our business moving forward, we see it as a very big help to digital printers wanting to do short run labels and die cut pieces.

At this moment we do not have any suggestions for improvements to any of the pieces of equipment.


In closing, I would like to thank Charry Bao for representing the VICUT company in a very professional way, she has maintained the quality image that we have come to experience with VICUT. Thank you, we sincerely appreciate the support of VICUT and look forward to a long relationship.





Positive Feedback of VICUT From Our Canadian Customers

Positive Feedback of VICUT From Our Canadian Customers

VICUT aim at supplying high precision digital cutting equipment, focusing on advertising, printing, packaging, graphic and office industry. developed a series of advanced equipment including digital flatbed cutter, roll label die cutting machine, sheet label cutter, vinyl cutting plotter, In addition, we have obtained CE, SGS and BV certificates. Please contact us today if you want to know more details, and we'd be glad to help you.