New product release VFC110

May 15 , 2020

Location: Anhui William NC


Based on our survey of the market, we found that most of the products are based on proofing or mass production. The cost of machines for mass production is too high, and the production capacity of ordinary tablet machines is too low, and small batch production has become a trend.

No new packaging design on the market always attracts customers? Why not customize individual DIY designs for customers to meet the needs of various customers!

It took us 6 months, after 25 technical personnel's intensive research and development, to overcome how to cut continuously, as well as the safety performance of the cycle cutting, and finally designed the flat panel machine VFC110.


1. Built-in camera, scanning faster and more accurate

2. Hold 4 A3 + cutting materials at a time

3. One-key control, continuous cutting

4. Realize mixed cutting through advanced scanning technology