New Partner in Israel

Jan 11 , 2021

We are glad to introduce new partner in Israel which is D.B PRINT FINISHING MACHINERY.

As a new member of VICUT family, D.B print actually has been into this area for more than decades. With extraordinary experience and providing distinguished service, D.B print earns great reputation among clients.David, who is the owner, required a video to show package box making. Cutting accuracy and creasing result are what they most concerned to machine. Through a live broadcast, David was pretty satisfied to its perfect performance.

                    New Partner in Israel  New Partner in Israel  New Partner in Israel

Also, our sustainable development concept against cooperation model was highly accepted by the team. Basing on these, we reached a primary agreement which is also very significant to following steps.

VICUT shall provide including but not limited to marketing materials, exhibition assistance, technical support and resource sharing. 

We sincerely appreciate the trust from D.B print finishing machinery. Clients from Israel who needs more info of FC-500VC, please kindly get in touch with D.B print finishing machinery team.