New beginning for 2023

Feb 03 , 2023

In 2022, the customer in Vietnam promoted the new products Flatbed Cutter 500VC,Sheet Cutter 350 through various ways such as online and offline sales, 

                     and achieved very good results.

New beginning for 2023 New beginning for 2023

At present, the company is mainly engaged in printing equipment, and our Vulcan machines were introduced to provide customers with a better 

                          integrated printing and cutting solution, for new year 2023, customer they plan to develop secondary agents in Vietnam market.

New beginning for 2023 

New beginning for 2023

According to the customer's feedback, the sheetfed and flatbed cutters with cameras were well received by the people on site! 

                                       Customers confirmed new orders on the end of the 2022,prepare for 2023, replenished the supply 

                                                    and expressed their deep recognition of our machines!

New beginning for 2023

VICUT, as a supplier to our customers, will also control the price and quality of the machine from the source, while strictly abiding 

                                      by the rules of  market operation and sharing customer resources and videos to agents, thus making our 

                                           cooperation without worries and getting better and better!