Influence On The Cutting Speed Of Digital Flatbed Cutter

Jun 26 , 2018

Cutting material is one of the important reasons that influence the cutting speed of Digital Flatbed Cutter. Besides, it is also affected by the following factors, let Digital Flatbed Cutter Manufacturer tell you :

1, the cutting speed is affected by the cutting material

Acrylic cutting machine is basically the processing of our plate is common, such as various KT board, Chevron board, honeycomb board, car stickers, adhesive, frame paper, gray paper, corrugated paper, EPE foam, PVC board, acrylic Plate, thick foam and so on. The cutting speed of the acrylic cutting machine has a great relationship with the nature of the cutting material.

2, the thickness of the cutting material affects the cutting speed

In general, the thinner the cutting material is, the easier it is to cut and the faster the speed is. The cutting speed of the thin plate is faster than that of the thick plate. Therefore, the thickness of the cutting material affects the cutting speed.

3, whether the use of auxiliary gas affects the cutting speed

Sometimes when we use Acrylic cutting machine to cut difficult materials, we will use commonly used auxiliary gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, etc., because the auxiliary gas has combustion-supporting effect, the gas with combustion-supporting effect will be three times faster than ordinary compressed gas. Therefore, whether or not auxiliary gas is used affects the cutting speed.

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