How VULCAN Cutter helps with education?

May 31 , 2023

We all know that education is very important, especially in the start-up phase. As a machine with a wide range of applications, does the VULCAN flatbed cutter have an important meaning for education? The answer is yes!


It is always a challenge to make learning enjoyable. Adding fun to the learning process can be a remarkable solution to this dilemma. Magnetic stickers, a classic learning aid product, always in huge demand. Traditional die cutting can product quite many pieces at one time, but dies cost is a problem. In this case, digital die cutting machine is needed.


With a VULCAN FC-500VC/700VC flatbed cutter, making magnetic stickers becomes easy. Vacuum suction system, big cutting force, multiple cut and crease and one-click repeat function, these characteristics make it irreplaceable. You can cut various shapes of magnetic stickers for on-demand orders with really affordable cost.

Besides magnetic stickers, you can make many other interesting learning aid such as cards and crafts. We are honored that VULCAN products are used to help with education.

How VULCAN FC-500VC/700VC helps with education?How VULCAN FC-500VC/700VC helps with education?

How VULCAN FC-500VC/700VC helps with education?