Digital Die-Cutting Solution

Jul 09 , 2020

With the falling of traditional die-cutting, digital die-cutting has been becoming the trend.

VICUT devotes to providing an integrated one-stop solution from printing to finishing.

l  Convenient Digital Color Label Press ANY002

Digital Die-Cutting Solution

ü   Faster output, faster delivery

ü  High-resolution label printing

ü  Prompt and convenient data processing

ü  Effective and economical printing work

ü  Interface and software

l  Widely Applicative Roll to Roll Label Press VRP300

Digital Die-Cutting Solution

ü   Precision colour control system, continuous print setting possible

ü  1200*2400 dpi high resolution

ü  Speed up warm-up time to save energy

ü  Automatic pin correction for best performance

ü  Lowest temp for toner adhesion

ü  Low print temp for more materials possibility


l  Roll Label Cutter VR30

Digital Die-Cutting Solution

ü   Compatible with any roll to roll label printer

ü  64bit operating system supported

ü  Professional software Label Studio

ü  Automatic contour cutting

ü  High recognition to even low-reflection materials

ü  Waste collect system

ü  Satisfying cutting speed

l  Roll Lable Cutter DBX

Digital Die-Cutting Solution

ü   Web guide control system.

ü  Split-cut for the long label.

ü  Electric adjustable tension system. Easy to adjust the tension by adjusting the electric currency.

ü  Kiss cutting & full cutting at the same time.

ü  Lamination for extended label durability.

ü  Imported rails, Mitsubishi motor, high precision.

ü  Platform suction cutting system.Vacuum worktable by an air pump, suitable for kiss cutting and full cutting at the same time.

l  Digital Laser Die Cutter VLD360

Digital Die-Cutting Solution

ü   Can save mostly the cost for cutting board and the adjusting testing materials, when without cutting mould. Precisely location the operation system.

ü  Fully operated by technology computer, not by human beings. The human can use the operation easily after half-day studying.

ü  Functions: lamination, exfoliation, die-cutting, waste discharge, cutting in a sheet, etc.

ü  Fastly running order, most up to small orders 50 per day.


By gathering and selecting, VICUT allows clients to have multiple choices.

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