Many Benefits and Uses to Having A Card Cutter

Oct 29 , 2021

Paper is a truly versatile material as you can shape and cut it into different sizes to best suit the needs of the user. A business card cutter is a unique machine that you can use to automatically cut pre-printed or blank paper to create unique and stylish business cards or personal calling cards.

There are many benefits to having a business card cutter, and VICUT has you covered.

In your own hands

When you commission someone else to print your business cards, you have to look at the proofs and send correspondence back and forth to ensure you get the content you need. Then, when you receive the cards, sometimes they're not even correct! When you have your own business card cutting machine, you don't have to deal with these frustrations. If you hire a new employee, get a promotion or change your business details, you can print and cut a new set of business cards instantly in your office, without worrying about spreading outdated information.

Customise and save money

When you use an online business card service, you are usually limited to their basic template designs, unless you want to spend money on a more complex design. Don't give up your company's hard-earned money to get a basic product. When you customise and cut your own business cards, you can have exactly what you want and you won't have to deal with high minimum pricing, multiple revisions, outsourcing fees, shipping costs or tiered pricing for more elaborate designs.


 VICUT card cutting machines

These are some of the ways you can use a business card cutter.

Membership cards: Does your company have a membership scheme? Create membership cards on permanent paper and cut them perfectly in-house.

One-off discount cards: create a fun design detailing the offer and tell your customers to bring it back to redeem the discount!

Admission tickets: If you're hosting a special event or secret sale, hand out or sell admission tickets.

Drink tickets: Once your guests have attended the event, they may need food and drink tickets. Hand these out at the door for your guests to redeem within the event.

Coupon books: You can offer coupon books at a low overhead when you make them yourself! You can even sell them and donate the profits from the books to a local charity to spread some goodwill.

Custom Postcards: Promote your name with beautifully designed postcards on heavy duty card stock when you create your own custom postcards.

Photo album: You can create different sizes of photo paper, and in addition to ID photos you can also crop life photos and headshots to create your own unique albums.



The best card cutters

Choosing a business card cutter is easy at VICUT: our Card Cutter CC-330/CC-220 is a top quality machine that will meet your needs at a price that suits you. The VICUT card cutter can be used with any digital printer or even a digital copier to produce professionally cut business cards, postcards, photos, tickets and more.

 Photo cutter and different sizes of photos

In addition to this, we also have photo cutting machines for sale.The VICUT photo cutting machine is designed for cutting mini size photos including ID photos, passport photos, ID photos and more. It features the ability to automatically cut different sizes of photos from a single sheet of photo paper. You can choose between 1" and 2" ID photos, or you can get other sizes such as headshots, lifestyle photos, art photos, etc. to help you create memorable photo folders.


To find out what kind of digital-cutting equipment your business needs, call us today for more information!