What Do You Know About Label Cutter?

Aug 23 , 2018

Label Cutter is widely used in many fields:All field related with labels, such as Advertising Industry, Decoration Industry, Packing Industry, Photo Paper, T-shirt Transfer Paper, Photo Quality Inkjet Card, Stickers, Glossy paper, Transparent Films, etc.. Servo motor control system has Lightweight space-saving design, here are some features of Label Cutter:

1.Constant paper feeding mechanism ensure continuous multi-sheet cutting.

2.Improved paper feeding system delivers consistent thick paper cutting with zero paper jams.

3. Optimized paper induction system to direct the paper status automatically.

4. Unique mark system saves paper waste.

5. Automatic mark detection increases scan and cut accuracy.

6. Intelligent sensor design, seven sensors working in cooperation to deliver outstanding cutting results.

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Label Cutter