FC500VC/FC700VC Flatbed Cutter Machine Applications

Oct 28 , 2022

The VICUT VULCAN FC500VC/FC700VC flatbed cutter machine is mainly used for production of small batches of exclusive packaging and cutting of various printed products - postcard, 

                               tags, crafts, POS materials, stickers and labels. This flatbed cutting machine is equipped with all the necessary tools for cutting, creasing and drawing. 

                          The machine can be successfully processes design papers, magnetic vinyl, loose cardboard, and various films.The working table 495*685mm/790x1085 mm 

                              is equipped with a powerful vacuum system that allows you to fix any workpiece in a stationary state and eliminate the distortion of thin materials and 

                              the rise of deformed sheet edges. Programmatically, the table can be divided into two vacuum zones, which allows you to double the productivity.

                         The VULCAN FC500VC/700VC Flatbed Cutter Machine has a number of convenient and useful functions: CCD Camera fast scanning system, Cutting by QR code, sending jobs from

                             a flash drive, high-speed fiducial mark recognition (4 marks in 3 seconds) ,working with two tools( creasing +Cutting) in the process of performing one tasks.

FC500VC/FC700VC Flatbed Cutter Machine Applications FC500VC/FC700VC Flatbed Cutter Machine Applications

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