ArvanitiShop at Photovision & School Office Exhibition 2022

May 13 , 2022

As the exclusive dealer of Flatbed cutting plotter and Sheet cutting machine in Greece, ArvanitiShop has just completed its presentation at Photovision EXPO 2022 from April 8th to 10th. In Greece turned out a great success. Vulcan SC350 , Vulcan FC500VC sold at site and signed strategic cooperation agreement with many clients.

ArvanitiShop at Photovision     

ArvanitiShop at Photovision

ArvanitiShop participated in the School and Office exhibition which takes place from 07.05.2022 to 09.05.2022 Booth Number: B16


     ArvanitiShop at Photovision

                                                              ArvanitiShop at Photovision

                                                                        ArvanitiShop exert 100% effort on marketing offline all the time. 

                                                                     It's very helpful for them(our dealers) to know

                                                                   the Vulcan machines better and deeper also 

                                                                  more and more customers(users) know the Vulcan machines.

ArvanitiShop at Photovision

The Vulcan FC-500VC flatbed cutting plotter represents the very latest in advanced flatbed technology. 

Designed with an eye for precision and accuracy, the FC-500VC allows clean and accurate cuts in a wide array of materials. 

While designed primarily as very fast cutter for projects such a box prototyping, custom packaging etc., the repeatability 

of precisely following the same line multiple times allows the FC-500VC to punch well above its weight class when dealing with tough substrates.    

       ArvanitiShop at Photovision

We sincerely appreciate the trust from ArvanitiShop.

---Start the journey in 2022!!