Digital Flatbed Cutter Plotter
  • Digital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VC

  • Digital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VC

Digital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VC

Perforation cut/Full cut/Kiss cut/Creasing

VICUT Vulcan series flatbed cutting machine is an ideal choice for small and medium-sized production and packaging, swing tickets, cards and label samples. Processing materials include paper, cardboard, synthetic materials, films and various labels, up to 600gsm.


Using advanced digital contour cutting technology, Vulcan series flatbed cutting plotters can immediately produce plates of any shape directly from the desktop without cutting dies. It can handle full cut, half cut, crease, perforation and drawing.


Two models are available, FC-500VC and FC-700VC. Users can reasonably select the appropriate size according to the size of processing materials, production capacity, floor area, project budget, etc.


  • Digital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VC

    Simple installation

    Plug and play, no additional drivers needed.

  • Digital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VC

    One-click repeat function

    Great for cutting same jobs, just need to replace paper, press "Back to Origin", then press "Repeat", no skilled people also run it easily.

  • Digital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VC

    Continue cutting

    If you need to process two or more sheets, when cutting second paper, users can replace first paper, save time for replacing papers.

  • Digital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VC

    Reverse cutting/creasing

    It's necessary for professional users who always like perfect results.

  • Digital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VC

    Compatible OS

    VICUT Vulcan series flatbed cutting machine can support both Windows & Mac OS.

  • Digital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VC

    Multiple cut and crease

    For some hard/thick materials, one time cut/crease is not enough, need 2 or 3 times to get nice cutting/creasing results. The cutting and creasing can be separated operation, for better cutting/creasing performance.

Technical Parameters

ConfigurationDigital servo system, Flatbed
Media hold-down methodVacuum suction
Maximum cutting speed700 mm/s (10 to 700 mm/s )
Cutting pressureTool 1: Max. 5.88N (600gf)  Tool 2: Max. 5.88N (600gf)
Effective cutting area495x685mm790x1085mm
Mountable media(Y-axis direction)640mm940mm
Minimum character size5mm square
Mechanical resolution0.005mm(5pm)
Programmable resolutionHP-GL: 0.025mm
Standard interfacesUSB2.0(FullSpeed) / U-Disk / Ethernet
Command setsHP-GL
Number of tools3 tools
Tool typesCutter blade/Calibration tool/Creasing tool
Operating screen4.3-inch touch LCD
Power supply100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz (Auto switching)
Power consumptionMax.150VA(machine),Max.550W(vacuum pump)
Operating environmentTemperature:10 to 35 degrees C(35 to 95 degrees F)
Humidity35 to 75% RH(non-condensing)
External dimensions981(Y)x977(X)x1047(H)mm1420(Y)x1212(X)x1050(H)mm
Packaging dimensions115x110x61cm (machine) 47x43x37cm (vacuum pump)525x430x61cm (machine) 47x43x37cm (vacuum pump)
G.W. / N.W.105kg/77kg (machine)23/20kg (vacuum pump)154kg/104kg (machine)23/20kg (vacuum pump)

Details Description

Camera system

The flatbed FC-500VC/FC-700VC uses a high-resolution camera to accurately detect registration marks (as small as 5 mm) and reg marks can be seen on both color and transparent materials. The ability to scan small reg marks saves materials and thus reduces production costs. The ability to scan four reg marks within less than 3 seconds saves production time and reduces costs even further.

User friendly touch screen

Easy toggle of vacuum suction: ON - fast/stable hold, OFF - easy replacement of next item; Easy toggle of arrow key speeds for carriage control: Fast (x10) / Slow (x1); Single key press to set origin or return to origin - guarantees accurate positioning. Re-cut button to instantly repeat last job.

Advanced contour cutting

The Vulcan flatbed efficiently handles materials loaded on a slant and also compensates for size/shape distortions. Precise and accurate cuts are assured with our proprietary four mark high-tech detection algorithm.

Network interface

A. Stable communications over long distances

B. Control one flatbed cutting plotter from multiple computers

C. Control different flatbed cutting plotters from one computer

U-Disk function

PLT-files saved on USB thumb drives (U-disk) can be used for direct output. This means that the FC-500VC/FC-700VC can be used without being connected to a computer.

QR-code system

The flatbed cutter reads QR-codes on the printed media, allowing automatic matching of print and cut files. This both speeds production and eliminates any chance of mismatched files.

SignCut Pro

Work with SignCut Pro software from Sweden, lifetime technical support and continually updating.

Tools & Accessories

  • Digital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VC


    Reduce the sound level of vacuum pump. suitable for vacuum pump more than 750W. Mostly used in office which require cutter works quietly.

  • Digital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VC

    Vacuum pump

    Powerful vacuum pump with acoustic cover, offering enough power to hold the printed sheets on the working table.

  • Digital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VC

    Pressure relief valve

    Unique design, stabilize air pressure, ensure the steady work of suction system, prolong the service life of vacuum pump.

  • Digital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VC

    Double side rubber cutting Mat

    The green self-healing mat is ideal for obtaining crisp cuts on thinner materials.This cutting mat can be used on both sides, greatly saving the cost of users.

  • Digital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VC

    Grey felt cutting mat

    This cutting mat is perfect for achieving deeper creasing lines and cuts on thicker substrates. It's also very durable.

  • Digital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VC

    Creasing Tool

    Creasing tool with ceramic ball point, creasing effect is better while protect the material, longer service life, easy to replace.

  • Digital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VC

    Calibration tool

    Used for setting up and calibrate cutter before machine working.

  • Digital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VC

    Blade holder

    This precision engineered components sits in the dual tool head and holds the cutting blade of choice. The tool is adjustable manually to obtain the desired length of blade-tip.

  • Digital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VC

    Cutting blade 60 degree

    Replacement 60° angle good for cutting thicker, more dense material. 5 Pack of Durable Replacement Blades. Fine sharpened tip excellent for detail work.

  • Digital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VC

    Cutting blade 30 degree

    Replacement 30° Blade for the Vulcan SC-350 Sheet Cutter 5-pack of blades good for cutting most materials.


Process Materials: cardboard, craft paper, fibrous cardboard, eva rubber, PVC, sandblast, vinyl, sticker, magnetic sticker,PET, TPU, reflective film and thin film etc.

Application Fields: Prototype and light production, DIY paper crafts, tags, on-demand packaging and sheet card cutting system – also suitable for sheet labels.

FC-700VCDigital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VCEffective cutting area 790x1085mm.This flatbed plotter is suitable for bigger size sheets production.
Four sheets of A3+ size paper can be placed on this table next to each other, and it is also suitable for 2pcs B2 sheets or a single sheet of B1 size paper. This model flatbed usually most suitable for post-processing of inkjet and press printing applications.

Working samples:

Digital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VCDigital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VCDigital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VCDigital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VC
Digital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VCDigital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VCDigital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VCDigital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VC
Digital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VCDigital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VCDigital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VCDigital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VC
Digital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VCDigital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VCDigital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VCDigital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VC

Packing photos

Digital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VCDigital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VCDigital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VCDigital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VC
Digital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VCDigital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VCDigital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VCDigital Flatbed Cutter FC-700VC