Flatbed Cutter 4560

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Flatbed Plotter Cutter

The VICUT MFC Series flatbed die cutting machine including DragonCut Pro software is ideal for small and medium-sized production and samples of packaging, swing tickets and even labels. Processing materials include paper, card, synthetics, films and kinds of labels, up to 500gsm.

Using advanced digital contour cutting technology, the flatbed plotter follows artwork cut lines drawn in Adobe® Illustrator® or CorelDRAW®, no cutting dies required, the sheets are produced to any shape, instantly and directly from the desktop. The cutting plotter flatbed can handle full cutting, half cutting, creasing and even drawing.

Two models are available; the desktop MFC4560 flatbed cutting machine offers maximum cutting area up to 450x600mm, ideal for 2 or more sheets side by side, while free-standing MFC6090 digital flatbed cutter offers a larger cutting area 600x900mm, enabling users to cut either larger sheets or to batch more sheets next to each other for increased productivity.

Main Features:

1. Plug and play, simple installation, no additional drivers needed.

2. Direct USB makes the flatbed cutter reliable and convenient.

3. Advanced digital contour cutting technology, high resolution optical sensor read barcode on the printed files automatically. No cutting dies required.

4. Pneumatic vacuum suction of media.

5. Dual cutting head, cutting and creasing in one compact unit.

6. Silent, precise and powerful servo drivers for best cutting results.

7. Contour cutter cuts thin films and card up to 500gsm / 600micron.

8. Cuts typical SRA3 sheet in 30-60 seconds.


Field: prototype and light production, DIY paper crafts, on-demand packaging and sheet card cutting system, also suitable for sheet labels.

Materials: cardboard, craft paper, plastic board, fibrous cardboard, rubber sheet, vinyl, sticker, reflective film and thin film etc.

PVC: less than 0.4mm

Sandblast, Hard paper: less than 450gsm

Magnetic Sticker: less than 600micron

PET: less than 0.3mm, etc.

Body FrameDesktop (optional stand)With Stand
Scan DeviceCCD Camera/Optical SensorCCD Camera/Optical Sensor
Effective Cutting Area469x631mm608x907mm
Effective Contour Cutting Area459x611mm598x887mm
Dual Cutting HeadBlade & ball-bearing creasing tool (a pen tool included)
Working MethodContour full cutting & kiss cutting, creasing, drawing
Registration SystemAdvanced registration mark sensing system (ARMS)
Cutting SoftwareDragonCut Pro
Working ModePC control, windows 64bit supported
Mechanical Resolution0.01254mm
Programmable ResolutionHPGL 0.025mm
Max. Cutting Speed600mm/s
Max. Down Force510g
Max. Cutting Depth0.6mm
Media Fixture MethodVacuum suction with vacuum pump (muffler is optional for MFC6090)
Repeat Precision≤0.05mm
Control SystemServo
Working Voltage110V-240V optional
Working Environment5 to 35 degrees, no dust, flat working platform
Packing Size123×100×46cm(0.57CBM)142×131×59cm(1.1CBM)



Detail Instruction


 Flatbed Cutter 4560

Cutting head: the MFC series flatbed cutter plotter utilizes a dual tool head, the dual tool systems including one blade tool and one creasing tool, both tools operate independently for cutting and creasing, the finished product can be cut and creased in one smooth operation, reducing operation time and improving productivity.


Flatbed Cutter 4560 

Control Panel: the easy-to-use control panel allows users to easily adjust settings, such as direction, increased cutting force and even the vacuum system.


 Flatbed Cutter 4560

USB Connet PC: input the file with USB line directly from cutting software in the PC, support 64bit Windows.


 Flatbed Cutter 4560

Vacuum Table: With high powered vacuum suction system, the placed media fixes reliably on the vacuum table,removing the risk of lifting during operation. 


 Flatbed Cutter 4560

Vacuum Pump: two different power pumps 400W and 750W aviable for 4560 model cutter and 6090 model cutter. One vacuum pump controls the whole working table. With a steel panel cover outside of vacuum pump, for less noise and good appearance. Muffler is optional for 750W vacuum pump.


Flatbed Cutter 4560 

Cutting Mat: two different cutting mats are available, depends on different material thickness and application, allows smooth working even with complete material diameters.


 Flatbed Cutter 4560

Cutting Software: the professional cutting software DragonCut Pro not only reliably handles design and layout tasks and imports a wealth of graphic file formats, but also generate cutting contours and folding lines. so, you can rapidly produce super accurate signage and decals with pinpoint contour cutting to achieve the most outstanding and professional results.


 Flatbed Cutter 4560

Advanced Barcode recognition system: high resolution optical registration system which reads the registration marks on the media and compares the position with the original value from the digital file. The DragonCut Pro software then acts accordingly to correct linear and angular positional differences by automatically adjusting the cut lines.


Flatbed Cutter 4560 

Accessories Box including:

3 boxes cutting blades, 3pcs blades inside of each box.

1pcs USB Line

1pcs Power Line

1pcs Pen Holder with a pen

1pcs Blade Holder

1pcs creasing tool

1pcs Wrench for install the creasing tool

1pcs fuse for stock

1 set DragonCut Pro software

Flatbed Cutter 4560

Muffler: reduce the noise for vacuum pump. Suitable for 750W vacuum pump, working place in the office which requre cutter works quietly. 

flatbed cutter plotter for cutting 400gsm paper card

MFC4560 cardboard cutting plotter

Vicut flatbed cutter plotter

MFC4560 cardboard cutting plotter

flatbed cutter plotter for cutting 400gsm paper card

4560 digital flatbed cutter for cutting cardboard