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Top World Barcode Registration Mark System

Continuous Cutting & Sheet Feeding Automatically

The VICUT sheet fed cutting machine including SignMaster software is ideal for reliable and automatic small batch production and DIY business. The VICUT sheet cutter can do continuous contour-cutting job on various printable self-adhesive stickers and labels, great choice of copy shops, graphic shops, office applications and many others.

Compatible with SignMaster software, the VICUT label cutting machine can read a unique barcode at the beginning of each sheet, thus, sheets with different cut jobs can be mixed. 

The model VCT-LCSA3+ is a die cutting machine, automatically cuts out stickers and similar media from sheets sized up to 330mm x 488mm, perfect match with standard A4 & A3 size.


1. Small footprint, fast speed, versatile, affordable, and easy to operate.

2. Silent, precise and powerful servo drivers for best cutting results.

3. Constant paper feeding system ensures continuous multi-sheet cutting with zero paper jams.

4. Unique mark system decreases paper waste (up to 5mm in length / width of material).

5. Automatic barcode detection ensures cutting different jobs on different sheets.

6. The maximum contact pressure of up to 750g allows for cutting laminated prints


Field: sheet label die cutting machine VCT-LCS is the ideal machine for reliable and automatic production of contour-cut stickers and labels in the business areas of copy shops, product labeling, office applications and many others.

Materials: various printable self-adhesive materials can be used. Such as, photo paper, T-shirt transfer paper, photo quality inkjet card, stickers, glossy paper, transparent films, etc.

Scan DeviceOptical sensorOptical sensorCCD camera
SoftwareCoreldraw pluginSignMaster ProCoreldraw pluginOr SignMaster Pro
Scan Speed25seconds15 seconds5 seconds
Max. Cutting Speed960mm/s
Cutting ToolCemented carbide blade
Cutting MethodHalf cut & full cut
Cutting Accuracy≤0.05mm
Material Thickness50-300gsm
Material Capacity80gsm paper, 120sheets per time
Max. Force750g (3g/step)
Max. Media Length488mm
Max. Media Width330mm
0-3000 RPM Time<20 MS (idle load); <1200 MS (working)
Encoder Signalphysical 1016 line/ round, logical 4064 line/round
Dimension120x65x35cm (3.94x2.13x1.15ft)
Packing Size85x70x55cm (0.33CBM)





1.control panel.png

Control panel: with English interface, it supports online file transfer with USB flash memory, control the cutting speed, pressure and movement of the media, etc.


2.cutting head.png

Cutting head: special designed cutting head ensure high precise and stable cutting performance. With the assistance of red light positioning system. It can realize contour cutting automatically.


3.Double press roller.png

Double press roller and punctures: ensure the machine can cut tail end of the media.



Double punctures and roller: special filter device for feeding paper to avoid feeding 2 or more pieces of paper at one time. This roller can rotate in opposite direction to send back extra paper.



Ruler: check the ruler number when feeding the media to adjust deviation, ensure the input and output error less than 1mm.


6 AutoFeedingSystem.png

AutoFeedingSystem: the Auto-feeding system can hold a stack of up to 50 sheets depending on the material. Three feeding rollers can keep feeding process fast and stable, avoiding material slide. Moveable apron with telescopic mechanism design can match material in different width.


7 Big Drawer.png

Large size Collecting Drawer: large drawer with damping function, easy to push and pull, large volume, can be placed up to 100pcs A3 + paper depends on the thickness of materials.


8 with led light.png

Led Working Light: the led working lamp makes it more convenient to change the tool, adjust the tool tip and visually observe the cutting effect.


9 Servo motor.png

Servo motor: for more smooth motion and high speed, they require no regular maintenance.


10 SD card.png

USB and SD interface: you can input the cutting file with SD card or USB flash disc, then cut the media directly without connection with PC.


11.USB line slot.png

USB line Slot: fix the USB line, avoid accidental slip.


12-112-1 CorelDraw plugin.png

Coreldraw plug-in: support offline work, the cutting file can be saved in a SD card. It can add the register marks easily, save material.

12-212-2 SignMaster.png

SignMaster Pro Software: support online work, it can generate outline automatically, and output the Mark Point automatically, realize continuously cut different patterns sheet because of unique bar code. Sheets with different cut jobs can be mixed. User intervention is not required. 


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ViCut sheet cutter

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