Card Cutter-BC330

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Multifunctional Card Cutter

The VICUT Card Cutter BC220 and BC330 work along with any digital printer and digital photocopier professionally, and cut cards automatically, easily and fast. Using a pre-set program, it can cut custom size business cards, post cards, compliment cards, entrance tickets, photos, and so on.


1. Adjustable cut lengths and widths.

2. Cutting thickness up to 350gsm.

3. Sheet edge sensing to set cut position.

4. Auto stack feeding or set number sheet feeding enables automation of process.

5. Cut mark registration compensates for image shift, to deliver incredible accuracy.

6. Fast cutting speed: cut 250 cards from SRA3 sheets in approximately 96 seconds.

7. Fixed or custom card sizes with a selection of interchangeable cassettes, different options for cutting width 85mm, 89mm, 90mm, 95mm.

8. Suitable for A3+, SRA3, A3 and A4 paper sheet sizes, capable for cutting different business cards sizes all over the world.

9. Optional cutting system for creasing and cutting dotted line, also available for cutting different size cards on one sheet.

Our card cutter has the same function with business card cutter, name card cutter, passport photo cutter, ID photo cutting machine, ticket card cutter, post card cutter machine etc.

Paper sizeA4, A4+, or(195-216)x(279-297)mm,with unlimited lengthA3, A3+, SRA3,or(297-320) x(420-480)mm,with unlimited length
Packing size50x40x34cm(0.07CBM)66x48x35cm(0.11CBM)
Feeding tray capacityMax.20 sheets(250g)Max.15 sheets(350g)Max.40 sheets(250g)Max.30 sheets(350g)
StackerMax.240pcs (0.35mm thickness)
Cutting position controlFront edge detection Smart Mark (Cut Registration Mark) detection
Paper feeding methodDual roller auto-paper feeding tray
Paper thickness0.25mm (180gsm)-0.35mm (350gsm)
Output tray card capacity180gsm: 90×2 (pcs)350gsm: 70×2 (pcs)180gsm: 90×3 (pcs)350gsm: 70×3 (pcs)
Cutting sizeLongitudinal: (89/85/90/95)mm, or customized
Horizontal: (45/50/54)mm, or (1-600)mm, fully adjustable
Cutting methodLongitudinal: cut by self sharpening slitting cassette
Horizontal: cutting with a lateral cutter, cut by lateral guillotine cutter
Cutting speed8 seconds per SRA3 / 96 seconds for 250 business cards (85x55mm)
Cutting accuracy±0.05mm
Operating temperature-15℃-40℃
Power supplyAC 110-220V, 50/60HZ, 0.5A


Seq.PictureDetail Instruction
1Card Cutter-BC330Transparent cover with auto power cut off
2Card Cutter-BC330User-friendly control panel
3Card Cutter-BC330Self-sharpening cutting wheels
4Card Cutter-BC330Moveable waste collection tray
5Card Cutter-BC330Inserting cutting cassette
6Card Cutter-BC330Plug and play, easy installation and operation

Seq.PictureDetail Instruction
1Card Cutter-BC330Cutting cassette for creasing
2Card Cutter-BC330Cutting cassette for dotted line
3Card Cutter-BC330Cutting cassette for 5x5 business card pattern (only optional for BC330)

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