1.Low Operating Costs...Investment in VICUT machinery can help lower operating cost by providing better material yields,quicker part cycle time, and prevent employee cutting errors that waste expensive materials.

2.Shorter Lead Times...Provide faster cut cycle time with precise information. Owner will know exactly how many minutes it will take to run a job on the CNC and allow them to plan better. These shorter lead times will increase invoicing and company cash flow.

3.Better Edge Finish...VICUT digital cutters will precisely follow the geometry of the programmed part. The edge finish will be perfectly dimensioned and the geometry remains sharp and smooth.

4.Better Material Yields...With VICUT cutters, parts can be nested together to maximize the material usage. This decreases overhead cost by reducing the amount of material used, and labor cost. In addition, if there is more scrap, the cost will be increased when having to dispose of unused materials.

5.Greater Accuracy...VICUT digital cutting machine has a repeatability of .003". This accuracy guarantees the part geometry and product fit will be perfect for every cut made. The high accuracy is achieved by using strong base frame, quality components, skilled installation technology, and strict QC testing system in our factory.

6.Greater Flexibility...Only limitation is the imagination of the user. New ability to create anything gives business owners new opportunities to produce products that could not be produced by hand and yield a profit. VICUT customers range from printing and packing industry, graphics industry, label makers, cabinet makers, instrument manufacturers, sign makers, and display fabricators, etc.

7.Business Expansion...Increased cycle times and greater flexibility allows business owners to concentrate on company marketing, day-to-day sales quoting, and new programs to grow the business.

8.Simplify Business Operation...VICUT cutting machine can take away the conventional approach of building a product. Imagine the process of cutting a 24" perfect circle by hand. First, a skilled labor draws the circle; second, using a jig saw, they will cut outside the line; third, using a sander will sand excess material until the circle is complete. With a VICUT machine, a circle is drawn inside your CAD program and then this same program generates the toolpath to follow with basic instructions. Finally, it is executed on the cutter.

9.Less Employee Conflict...VICUT CNC machine does not take coffee breaks,lunch breaks, smoke breaks,does not require medical coverage, and does not show up late, leave early, call in sick, does not claim its not his job, argue with management, or go on a paid vacation. It obeys programmer all time and does what it's told without exception.