ARMS Servo Cutting Plotter

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ARMS Servo Cutting Plotter:

The VICUT AS series vinyl cutting plotter was special designed for users who require working with large plots and processing large quantities in professional quality. With a VICUT vinyl cutter and DragonCut software you have a formidable combination of sign design and layout tools. The integrated multi crop mark recognition system ARMS automatically registers provided crop marks and facilitates precise cutting of arbitrary shapes. The automatic media detection feature makes the cutter can continually adjust itself to allow for any skew or stretch within the artwork, to achieve long distance tracking. The back-lit LCD and large gel buttons ensure simple and comfortable usability. With 750g cutting force and unique mechanical structure, the cutter plotter can cleanly cut even the most challenging media such as high intensity reflective films. The scope of delivery includes the cutting software DragonCut PRO for Windows and a stable stand equipped with a roll mount and a practical catch-up basket.


1. Plug and play: simple installation, no additional driver necessary.

2. Strong frame: aluminum alloy construction, ABS end caps, welded steel stand.

3. Servo drives: silent, precise and powerful servo drivers for best cutting results.

4. Long length tracking: strong structure and high-quality girt rollers to keep long length tracking (5-10 meters error up to 0.15mm).

5. Automatic media detection: advanced media detection function allows the cutter continually adjusts itself for any skew or stretch within the artwork which results in the most accurate contour cutting ability.

6. Barcode register system provides fast scanning speed, improves working efficiency.

7. Easy menu navigation: comfortable control panel with illuminated LCD -display and large buttons.

8. High precision for cutting of smallest fonts and objects.

9. Dragon Cut PRO: with control for ARMS, vectorization, text to path, shading, etc


Filed: packaging proofing, clothing plate, car beauty industry, signs for shop windows, cars and vans, cutting labels, heat pressing logos and slogans onto T-Shirts;

Material: vinyl adhesive, sticker, reflective film, craft paper, sandblast membrane, PET, PP, PVC, PC, wall paper, etc.

Max. Media Width720mm1350mm1750mm
Max. Cutting Width630mm1260mm1680mm
Accuracy+/- 0.01mm
Straight-line Max. Speed960mm/s
Curve Max. Speed600mm/s
DriveDC Servo
Servo Motor Speed0-3500 RPM
0-3000 RPM time< 20 MS(idle load); <1200 MS(working)
Encoder SignalPhysical 1016 line/ round, logical 4064 line/round
Max. force750g (3g/step)
CPU64bit DSP 32M Flash
Mechanical Resolution0.01254 mm/pulse
Repeating Precision0.082mm
Power Consumption< 100W
Ambient Temperature5°C-35°C
Packing Size97x34x43cm(0.15CBM)160x34x41cm(0.23CBM)207x36x51cm(0.38CBM)

1ARMS Servo Cutting PlotterDragon Cut Pro Software: the professional design software from Australia, which you can adjust the pressure and the photosensitive according to the material and reflective values. It can create the mark point automatically.
2ARMS Servo Cutting PlotterRegister marks: utilizing the strength of the advanced registration mark sensing system, the cutter can continually adjust itself to allow for any skew or stretch within the artwork, to achieve long distance tracking, meanwhile provides fast scanning speed, and improves working efficiency.
3ARMS Servo Cutting PlotterMoving carriage: steel frame with linear bearing, it is with more cutting pressure which is adjustable easily, and it is good in heat dispersion. With red light sensor, it can scan the bar code automatically to realize ARMS function.   
4.ARMS Servo Cutting PlotterSteel thorn and roller pinch: the sticker cutting machine is equipped with steel thorn which can fix media effectively to avoid any sliding and ensure the feeding precision. The distance between each roller can be adjusted to fit for different size media. High precision imported Roller; it has long working life and assures no offset feeding long distance.
5ARMS Servo Cutting PlotterControl panel: user-friendly control panel with English display screen, the back-lit LCD and large gel buttons ensure simple and comfortable usability.
6ARMS Servo Cutting PlotterUSB port: plug and play, simple installation, no additional driver necessary. PC connection is more effective to ensure the stability of signal and file transmission, and to ensure that large files can be processed stably.
7ARMS Servo Cutting PlotterInlet scoop: with many inlets scoop on the cutter working table, material can be fixed tightly during working.
8ARMS Servo Cutting PlotterServo drives: silent, precise and powerful servo drivers for best cutting results.
9ARMS Servo Cutting PlotterFeeding System: auto feeding system, easy to feed the roll material, smooth and fast.
10ARMS Servo Cutting PlotterARMS Servo Cutting PlotterPress Bar: easy to control the pressure wheel, make feeding materials easier.
11ARMS Servo Cutting PlotterScale: with clear scale, you can check the material size and adjust the position easily.
12ARMS Servo Cutting PlotterCatch-up basket: the vinyl cutter machine equipped with a set of catch-up basket including 2pcs holding rollers and one piece of high quality nylon cloth bag, save space while keeping materials clean and tidy.
13ARMS Servo Cutting PlotterWorldwide Power Plug: we offer various worldwide standard power plugs. The voltage is also can be customized due to customer needs.

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