Flatbed Cutter TK1200

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VICUT TK1200 flatbed cutter is specially designed for half cutting and creasing corrugated paper, channel cardboard and other packaging materials for small batch production of various cartons.

Process Material:

Stickers, craft paper, gold-silver foil paper, photovoltaic board, PVC film, corrugated paper, grey board, KT board, snow board, foam board, etc.

Application Field:

Signs, graphics, labels, packaging, clothing patterns, footwear samples, etc.

Cutting Size900 x 1200mm
Max. Material Thickness10mm
Mark RegistrationOptical sensor (Camera is optional)
Cutting MethodHalf cut, full cut, dot cut, creasing
ToolsPen, kiss cut blade, full cut blade, vibrating knife
Transfer   MethodInternet cable
Support LanguageHPGL
Working Environment5 to 35 Degrees, no dust, flat working platform
Cutting Pressure0-0.6pa
Working Speed1500mm/s
Working TableVacuum inhaling working table
SoftwareSelf-developed TKCUT software (Documents generated from any design software such as CAD are exported through TKCUT software.)
Working Voltage110V-240V optional
Packing Size170x130x120cm(2.65CBM)

TK1200 flatbed cutter Contour cutting