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Automatic XY Trimming Machine


TM160 is an automatic XY cutting machine, which is used to cut the flexible media rolls into sheets with a maximum thickness of 0.6mm. Using a CCD camera, TM160 can read the cutting marks on the printed media, and immediately cut both vertically and horizontally. With the automatic deviation correction system, fully automatic cutting is realized.


  • Automatic XY Trimming Machine

    Automatic correction on longitudinal direction

    If the printer cannot print parallel to the edge of the media, or if the printer cannot roll up vertically,the TM160 automatically realigns the edges of the printed image.

  • Automatic XY Trimming Machine

    Vertically and horizontally synchronous cutting

    The XY direction works at the same time, and truly realizes automatic cutting.

  • Automatic XY Trimming Machine

    CCD camera scan cut marks

    The high resolution CCD camera is used to scan the marking points and locate the cutting path so as to achieve precise cutting. Camera scanning can also make the range of cutting materials wider.

  • Automatic XY Trimming Machine

    No consumable parts

    The cutting blades can be used to cut more than 100 thousand times. No consumable parts during regular usage.

  • Automatic XY Trimming Machine

    Complete firmware control

    The camera reads printed marks then feedback to machine, the machine will cut posters automatically, no need to do any data transfer, very convenient to use.

Technical Parameters

ITEMAutomatic XY Trimmer TM160
Max. Cutting size160cm
Cutting speed1.5m/s
Max. cutting thickness0.6mm 
Max.roll diameter300mm
Max. roll weight30kg
Positioning methodHigh resolution CCD camera
Cutting methodvertically and horizontally synchronous cutting
Tool typeHorizontally cutting:double round knife
Vertically cutting: high speed steel 
Tool lifeable to finish at least 100,000 times cutting
Correction deviationCamera scan marks and align itself automatically
Cut marks typeblack square marks created by maintop software
Mark distance to image2mm
Mechanical resolution0.2mm
Cutting precision0.1mm(duplicate)
Control panelTouch screen 
Motor typeServo motor
Data transfer methodUSB cable
OS CompatibleWindows7,8,10 
Compatible Software Maintop software
Power 600W
Working voltage00VAC-120VAC,50/60Hz,Maximum current 6.8A
200VAC-240VAC,50/60Hz,Maximum current3.4A
Operation environmentTemperature +5℃ to +35 ℃ (Fahrenheit 41-95),
Humility 30% -75% (Non-condensing) 
Machine dimensionL 787mmx W 740mmx H 1320mm
Package dimension2650mmx770mmx 670mm
Machine weight(N.W/G.W)177kg/227kg+-5kg

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Most flexible media up to a maximum thickness of 0.6mm including polycarbonate, photo paper,wall paper,vinyl,PVC,film,canvas,laminated or encapsulated prints and much more. 


Widely used in advertising signs,posters, public decoration,wallpaper, packaging and printing etc. 

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Automatic XY Trimming Machine


  • Automatic XY trimming machine

  • TM160 Automatic XY Cutting Machine