Vinyl Cutting Plotter

Cutting Plotter RC Series


The VICUT RC series vinyl cutting plotter was special designed for users who require working with large plots and processing large quantities in professional quality, without sacrificing cutting speed. With a VICUT RC plotter and Signmaster software, you have a formidable combination of sign design and layout tools. High speed CCD camera positing system, accurately reads the 4 mark points within 4 seconds on an SRA3 sheet, also suitable for more range of materials. The control system adopts advanced algorithms to ensure the maximum balance between speed and accuracy. The servo drives provides more stability and cutting precision. The tool drop point and the start point shall be smoothly connected without burrs. With advanced configuration, fast cutting speed, high precision and reasonable price, RC series vinyl cutter is becoming one of the most cost-effective in the market.


  • Cutting Plotter RC Series

    Strong frame

    Aluminum alloy construction, ABS end caps, welded steel stand.

  • Cutting Plotter RC Series

    Plug and play

    Electricity can be used,simple installation, no additional drivers needed.

  • Cutting Plotter RC Series

    Servo drives

    Silent, precise and powerful servo drivers for best cutting results.

  • Cutting Plotter RC Series

    Multiple file transfer modes

    Supports three methods of file transmission,U-disk, network interface and USB cable.

  • Cutting Plotter RC Series

    High resolution CCD Camera registration

    It can accurately detect 5mm black mark points on materials of different colors, and it only takes 4-6 seconds to read 4 mark points.

  • Cutting Plotter RC Series

    Easy menu navigation

    Comfortable control panel with illuminated LCD -display and large buttons.

  • Cutting Plotter RC Series

    High speed

    Maximum cutting speed 1200mm/s.

  • Cutting Plotter RC Series

    High precision

    Able to cut small fonts and letters.

  • Cutting Plotter RC Series

    Long length tracking

    Processing long images easy and fast. used for Vulcan series flatbed cutting plotters. The thickest cutting material can reach 2.5mm.

Technical Parameters

StructureDesktop With standWith stand
Max. media width490mm720mm1400mm
Max. cutting width400mm630mm1310mm
NO. of pressure roller4PCS5PCS6PCS
Cutting accuracy+/- 0.02mm
Cutting speed10 to 1200mm/s
File transfer modeUSB/Network/U-Disk
Positioning systemHigh resolution CCD Camera
Registration marksmultiple black dot marks
Software Multi-language Signmaster software
Feeding systemPull shaft feeding structure,simple & time-saving
Drive mode Servo
Motor power25watt
Max. force800G
Mechanical resolution0.0245mm
Repeating precision0.127mm
Power consumption< 100W
Working voltage 100V-240V, 50hz/60hz
Ambient temperature+5°C ~+ 35°C
Packing Size800 x 340 x 390mm(0.11CBM)1030 x 340 x 485mm(0.17CBM)1710 x 340 x 485mm(0.28CBM)

Details Description


Signmaking applications 

Every company needs to advertise for itself, but advertising is often far too expensive for small to medium-sized businesses. The vinyl cutter can offer relief. The vinyl cutter is the central device in a company to use in advertising. It doesn’t only save a large amount of money, but also provides plenty of room to develop your own creativity and ideas. With a vinyl cutter, you can, for example, advertise in the following ways, quickly and easily:

·Corporate signmaking

·Corporate vehicle signage

·Design of the shop window advertising

·Creating banners and stadium advertising at events

·Design of the premises of the Company (Room label, signs, screening applications, design elements) 

·Production of stickers and labels as so-called Print&Cut applications - first you print on eg. sign vinyl, then contour-cut with the vinyl cutter. 


Home applications

Anyone who wants to individually create his personal environment will find a vinyl cutter to be the right tool. With these machines, many different creative ideas can be realized like this selection shows. 

·Customized wall tattoo

·Create kitchen surfaces 


Hobby applications in the fields of decoration, model making, etc. 

·Create templates for painting colorful wall design including banners, ornaments, and children’s artwork.

·Individual design of garments like t-shirts, jackets, sweat shirts etc. with flock or flex film.

Cutting Plotter RC Series

Packing photos

Cutting Plotter RC Series


  • RC-490 desktop vinyl cutter

  • RC-1400 cutting plotter cut letters

  • RC-1400 with camera contour cutting