Application Range Of Digital Flatbed Cutter

Nov 23 , 2018

Digital flatbed cutter is ideal for tasks that require high precision and machining for medium weight materials. At the same time, the flatbed cutter is also suitable for presenting your complex and exquisite designs on media such as sticky notes, mask films, foam boards, cardboard, oily boards and sandblasted rubber. Some flatbed cutters have the ability to simultaneously load knives and a drawing pen. Therefore, the sample/shoe designer can draw the mark on the medium and then cut it, and the user does not need to manually replace the corresponding pen and knife.

In addition, some flatbed cutters have a standard positioning marker detection sensor that makes it easy to recalibrate the position of the die-cut media that has already been printed.

Compared to friction-driven drum type cutting plotters, flat-plate cutters can use more materials, so the scope of application is broader, such as shop door, fluorescent signs, body advertising, awnings, making personalized T-shirts. Thermal transfer patterns, packaging design, garment proofing, masking film, sandblasted rubber stencils, etc.

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