What Should Be Considered When Buying A Label Printer?

Mar 06 , 2020

Nowadays, color label printers are often used in corporate offices, various engineering, factories, commercial supermarkets, and warehouses. Color label printer is a kind of printing equipment that can quickly print a large number of stickers, pet labels, tags, washed cloth and so on. It has been widely used in all aspects of production and life, such as supermarkets, government departments, manufacturing enterprises, logistics, and so on. There are various models, colors, and functions of color label printers. How to buy them? Today Cutting Plotter Manufacturer will explain to you how to choose a color label printer.

1. Select according to the number of prints per day

According to the color label printers on the market, color label printers are generally divided into two types: commercial and industrial. Generally speaking, if the print volume is in the range of 3,000-4000 sheets or fewer users, you only need to select a commercial printer; if the daily print volume exceeds 5000 sheets and continuous printing is required, you should select an industrial printer.

2.Select according to product appearance, color and volume

When buying a Label Printer, buyers not only consider the product performance, but also the appearance, color, and volume of the printer. At present, the color label printers on the market can be divided into two types: plastic casing and full metal casing. Commercial machines usually use plastic casings, and the colors are white, black, silver gray, etc.; industrial-grade printers use metal casings, which are mostly black and white. Industrial printers are more durable, and plastic business machines are more beautiful and lighter.

Label Printer

Label Printer

3. Select a label printer that is universal for consumables

Some printer brands, in order to make a profit on consumables, often specify that their products must be matched with special consumables, otherwise they cannot print good results, and even do not give warranty for the damage caused by this. It should be noted that, especially now that the price of consumables for printers continues to decline, it is even more important to buy printers that are universal in consumables.

4. Select the model according to the type of barcode that you want to print and the required quality

At present, most label printers on the market can only use one printing language, and they can only use their own printing commands. They are not compatible with each other. If language compatibility is considered when purchasing, the use of the printer can be greatly increased. occasion.

The above are the aspects that you should notice when purchasing a label printer by Business Card Cutter Manufacturer. I hope to help you.