How to Choose A Paper Cutter?

Apr 11 , 2020

The paper cutter is necessary for processing equipment for printing companies. When purchasing a paper cutter, you should pay attention to the following issues: First, pay attention to whether the paper cutter has a deviation of the knife, and whether the cutting accuracy meets the required standard. Secondly, the choice of the angle of the cutting blade is also very important. The cutting quality and effect are reflected in the cutting blade and sharpening process. Or you need to buy products that use motor components with mechanical brakes, which can avoid the dangerous situation of ‘slider’. The stability of the operation of each part of the paper cutter, the reliability of the overall quality and performance. The sensitivity and flexibility of the buttons of the operating platform of the paper cutter, and the size of the noise. Questions about the scope, time and timeliness of after-sales service.

According to some information provided by the Flatbed Die Cutting Machine, we understand that the detailed requirements for customer selection are as follows:

First of all, we pay more attention to the mechanical structure. The earliest mechanical paper cutters used spring pressure for pressing paper, and a slider structure for pushing paper. The structure is relatively simple and the commissioning and maintenance are also relatively simple.

Roll Cutting Machine VCT-LCR

Roll Cutting Machine VCT-LCR

Brushing the request for paper cutting accuracy can not meet the requirements of medium and high-end packaging and printing products. When choosing a paper cutter, the printing company should choose a dual-rail paper cutter or a dovetail slot cutter according to its own needs and the actual conditions of the products to be processed.

Then another focus of the customer is to pay attention to after-sales service. When choosing a paper cutter, it is also necessary to weigh the after-sales service of consumer manufacturers. A good manufacturer will surely think about whether it can enable customers to receive satisfactory service and technical support in the shortest time. The quality of service before, during and after sales is the comprehensive ability of the cutter manufacturer. which performed.

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