Prospect Analysis of Paper Cutter

Sep 15 , 2020

The Sheet Cutter is a widely used printing machinery and packaging machinery, which is essential for paper cutting in the later stage of printing. At present, the products of domestic brand fully automatic paper cutter manufacturers mainly include fully automatic CNC paper cutters, CNC paper cutters, electric paper cutters, program-controlled paper cutters, small paper cutters, and hydraulic paper cutters. With the development of the entire country's economy, the importance of printing and packaging industries has become increasingly prominent, and printing factories and graphic shops are also increasing.

Since the 1990s, the domestic paper cutter industry has made great progress after nearly two decades of development. At present, the paper cutter industry has formed a healthy development and vigorous development. The introduction of the paper cutter has saved a lot of labor and production costs for the digital printing industry. It is understood that the domestic paper cutter industry has now bid farewell to the history of the original mechanical paper cutter, various Electric Paper Cutting Machine, automatic paper cutters, automatic CNC paper cutters, and program-controlled paper cutters, such as automatic and intelligent The paper cutter has stepped onto the historical stage successively, effectively improving the production efficiency and cutting accuracy.

Sheet Cutter

Sheet Cutter

With the continuous advancement of technology, the production demand of the printing industry and the increasingly competitive paper cutter market, the future development of the paper cutter will move toward a larger format and higher intelligence. In addition, the peripheral equipment of the paper cutter Development will also be the direction of the Sheet Cutter Factory. In addition to the upgrading of digital and highly intelligent products such as CNC paper cutters and program-controlled paper cutters, large-format paper cutters are also the focus of future development.

Faced with the huge market demand for fully automatic CNC paper cutters, paper cutters can only achieve sustainable and healthy development if they continue to pursue excellence and unswervingly follow the road of innovation, quality, service and advanced brand management and development. And with the increase of labor costs, printing factories' demand for the automation level of cutting equipment is also increasing. Therefore, the development of paper cutting machine peripheral equipment has gradually become a development trend, realizing paper breaking, paper feeding, and unloading. After the paper is fully automated, the cut paper can still be placed neatly without the need for multiple people to arrange it, thereby effectively reducing labor and reducing production costs.

According to the domestic development trajectory of the paper cutter and the status quo, our analysis of the future development trend of the paper cutter industry is mainly towards the development of high intelligence and digitalization such as numerical control, program control, and even automatic numerical control. This may be a new revolution in the paper cutter industry. Whether domestic manufacturers can seize the opportunity to achieve leapfrog development and then drive the overall progress of my country's paper cutter industry remains to be seen.