Safety Operation Regulations of Paper Cutter

Oct 13 , 2020

Operating procedures

1. Close the main switch and press button 4A or 5A to make it in place.

2. Turn on the button switches of air cushion air pump motor 1D, paper pressure oil pump motor 2D, and Cutter Machine drive motor 3D in sequence.

3. The paper pusher motor 4D is equipped with forward and reverse buttons 4A or 5A to control the paper pusher to advance or retreat.

4. Photoelectric safety protection After the power is turned on, the small red light is on and the machine does not operate, indicating that there is a fault in the photoelectric transmitter and receiver. Remove it until the small green light is on, the machine can operate normally.

5. According to the process size requirements, press the pusher button 4A or 5A, or fine-tune the pusher hand wheel to adjust to the correct position and size required.

6. Flip button 1A or 6A with both hands to cut paper.

7. When changing the knife, set the key switch LS to the manual position, and after the brake disc is released, use the crank handle to shake the worm shaft at the right end of the worm gear box to make the paper cutter move up and down one week to adjust the depth of the blade against the blade strip. After shaking, remove the handle and return the key switch LS to the cutting position.

Cutter Machine

Cutter Machine

Safety precautions

1. The machine, motor, and electrical box must be properly connected to the ground wire.

2. The power must be cut off when the machine is repaired, adjusted, refueled, wiped and inspected.

3. Turn off the power of the Paper Cutting motor when replacing the blade.

4. Strictly implement the use of both hands to lift the button to cut paper, and it is not allowed to switch on the two-hand button and operate with one hand.

5. Before starting the machine, pay attention to whether there is anyone in the surrounding environment doing other work on the machine.

6. After starting the machine, it is found that there are abnormal noises, rolling locks, failures, etc., and it must be stopped to check the cause.

7. Regularly check whether there are loose parts of the machine and electrical appliances and malfunction of the operating mechanism.

Maintenance requirements

1. The manual oil supply pump must be pulled before starting to ensure the lubrication of the track.

2. Butter must be added to the buttered parts.

3. The machine must be kept clean.

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