How to Maintain The Paper Cutter Blade?

Oct 23 , 2020

1. Storage

You should choose a cool and dry place to store the Flatbed Paper Cutter blade. In order to prevent the blade from rusting, you can use a nylon brush to brush a thin layer of motor oil on and near the blade. When storing, it is best to use the box provided by the paper cutter supplier to ensure that the blade does not touch any part or item in the box. The paper cutter blade can be completely wrapped with foam. The support block in the box must be supported on the short shafts at both ends of the paper cutter blade, not on the blade.

2. Transportation

When packing and transporting, be sure to use a suitable size and strong box, each box only put a Paper Cutter blade, the surface of the paper cutter blade is covered with foam. The short shafts at both ends of the paper cutter blade should be covered with wooden blocks with holes, and the wooden blocks should be fixed in the box to prevent the die cutter from shifting in the box during transportation. Packing straps must be used to wrap the outside of the box, and the surface of the box must be marked with the words Vulnerable Parts to attract attention. 

Paper Cutter

Paper Cutter

3.hoisting and handling

When hoisting and transporting in the workshop, use cloth to cover the surface of the paper cutter blade to prevent damage to the blade. When installing other parts, prevent the parts from loosening and falling onto the cutter blade, otherwise the cutter blade will be severely damaged. 

4.use and maintenance

When using the paper cutter blade, be sure to use the shoulder scraper to wipe the felt, and drop an appropriate amount of lubricating oil up every day to keep the paper cutter blade clean, and a thin oil film is formed between the two to improve the paper cutter Wear resistance of the blade surface.  

5. Make a good record

Develop good habits for keeping records, including the number of cuts, the date the cutter blade is sent back for grinding, and the condition of the paper cut each time you work. With reference to these records, you can know when the paper cutter blades need to be sharpened in the future production and when to order new paper cutter blades to avoid production delays or waste.

If you have more questions, please contact the Paper Cutter Supplier