Sheet Fed Label Cutter

Sheet Label Cutter DTS


The VICUT sheet label cutter DTS is designed for multiple functions including cutting and creasing. With dual tools, it can easily make full cutting, kiss cutting, creasing and plotting. The unique air suction paper feeding method, suitable for wider range of materials, including self-adhesive, paper cards, films and so on. It is the ideal machine for reliable and automatic production of  labels and small packaging boxes, great choice of copy shops, product labeling, office applications and many others.


  • Sheet Label Cutter DTS

    Top suction feed system

    Paper feeding quick and stable. Suitable for more range materials.

  • Sheet Label Cutter DTS

    Dual tools for cutting and creasing

    DTS equipped with dual tools, blade for kiss cutting and die cutting, while creasing tool creases folding lines on paper cards.

  • Sheet Label Cutter DTS

    High performance full Servo Motor

    Both XY axis adopts brush-less servo motor, guarantee smooth and stable cutting, with less noise.

  • Sheet Label Cutter DTS

    High resolution camera registration

    Industrial grade CCD camera recognition with high-precision, suitable for wide range materials.

  • Sheet Label Cutter DTS

    Matching mainstream design software

    Perfect work with Coreldraw and illustrator design software, easy to use.

  • Sheet Label Cutter DTS

    Maximum working size 483x330mm

    Compatible with A4,A3,SRA3 and customized size sheets.

  • Sheet Label Cutter DTS

    Process material up to 350gsm

    It can process kinds of adhesive material and all kinds of paper cards.

  • Sheet Label Cutter DTS

    Auto feeding mode for non-printed media

    The DTS is able to cut and crease non-printed media, and supported by top suction paper feeding system.

Technical Parameters

ITEMMultifunctional Sheet Label Cutter DTS
Max. Cutting sizeA3+ (483mmx330mm) 
Tool typeBlades, creasing tool, pen
Paper feeding methodTop suction feeding system
Positioning methodHigh resolution CCD camera
Scanning code typrdot mark/QR code
Scan marks speed5-10s
Maxi. cutting speed960mm/s
Maxi. forceCreasing tool: 0-750gf(3gf Step) ;
Cutting tool: 0-750gf (3gf Step)
Mechanical resolution0.2mm
Die cutting precision0.1mm(duplicate)
Min. Label size5mmx5mm
Max.feeder capacity1000sheets (200gsm)
Max. material thickness350gsm
Cutting control systemXY- High-power brush-less servo motor
Control panel 5 inch touch screen +physical buttons
Data transfer methodUSB
OS CompatibleWindows7,8,10 
Software Dedicated cutting server (equipped with CDR and AI plugin)
Working voltage100VAC-120VAC,50/60Hz,Maximum current 6.8A
200VAC-240VAC,50/60Hz,Maximum current3.4A
Operation environmentTemperature +5℃ to +35 ℃ (Fahrenheit 41-95),
Humility 30% -75% (Non-condensing) 
Machine dimensionL 787mmx W 740mmx H 1320mm
Package dimensionL 970mmx W 970mmx H 880mm
Machine weight(N.W/G.W)114kg/146kg

Details Description



photo paper, T-shirt transfer paper, stickers, glossy paper, transparent Films, paper cards, etc. 


DTS integrates the functions of kiss cutting, die cutting and creasing. It is widely used for proofing and small batch production of labels, tags, packaging boxes, processing of advertising signs and paper art, etc.

Sheet Label Cutter DTS