High Precision ATC CNC Router/Table Move

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1. Using gantry fixed and movable working table design, ensure more stable and less vibration

2. Adopting Heavy-duty industrial seamless welded design, anti-deformation finite element construction and welding and low-temperature annealing by the CNC center to ensure optimum strength and rigidity.

3. All components are top brands in the world, eg. Italy HSD/Hiteco spindle, Taiwan PMI rails, TBI ball screw, Japan Panasonic /Yaskawa servo motor, Taiwan Syntec controller, etc.

4. Configuring adjustable machine feet, easy to adjust the balance of the machine.

5.Customized size and color is available, OEM is acceptable.



Process Material: Acrylic, Plastic, Artificial stone, Aluminum, Brass, Solid wood, MDF, PVC, ABS, ACP, Foam, etc.

Field: mainly used in sign making industry, eg. Mini word processing, acrylic luminous characters, high-end advertising word, etc. 

Also for other industries such as building models, plastic and wood models, musical instruments, three-dimensional surface processing.

Dimension1540 x 1520mm/5.04'x4.98'2500 x 3200 mm/ 8.2'x10.5'
Working size1270 x 1270 x 200MM(4.2'x4.2'x 0.67')2440 x 1270 x 200MM(8'x4.2'x0.67')
TransmissionXYZ high precision TBI ball screw
Guiding railsTaiwan PMI linear guide rails
Max Move Speed40000mm/m
Repeat precision0.025mm
Spindle motor9KW Italy HSD/Hiteco spindle 36000RPM
Tool stock4-10pcs ISO30/BT30 tool holder
Tool sensorEquipped with an automatic surface detector
LubricationAutomatic oil pump
Cutting CoolingMist sprayer cooling system
Working tablefully zoned vacuum table
Dust CollectorDust skirt on Z axis with 2 bags dust collector
Driving motor Japan Panasonic or Yaskawa servo motor
ControllerTaiwan Syntec CNC controller system
Control cabinetSeparate enclosed control cabinet
Packing size2.1 x 2.2 x 1.7m( 7.9CBM)3.15 x 2.2 x 1.75m(12.2CBM)

Seq.PictureDetail Instruction
1Table moveBase Frame: The base frame is made of heavy-duty tubular steel that is welded, precisely machined by gantry milling machine and stress relieved by vibration device so that the foundation remains true steady over the operational life of the machine. With sand inside of gantry holder, to increase the machine weight.
2Table moveATC Spindle: Italy ATC spindle is a leader in machining wood, aluminum and plastics. It is characterized by its extremely high reliability and fully programmable speeds from 6000 to 36000 RPM. It comes completely with pneumatically retractable vacuum hood. Each mechanical, pneumatic and electronic component undergoes a double testing phase that guarantees optimum quality standards.
3Table moveTool station: 4/6/8pcs tools station on the back or side, changing tools within only 2 seconds.
4Table moveController: Taiwan Syntec controller special for ATC CNC, with MPG for high accuracy positioning. It is capable of USB flash drives and is very easy for users to do wiring and can save a lot of time. It supports 4 servo axes + 1 spindle, simultaneously interpolated axes can be 4 axes, and it has power failure protection function.
5Table moveServo Motor: High-power AC Panasonic/Yaskawa Servo motor, it is for high load and smoother machining and offers long-term maintenance-free solution. 
6Table moveLinear rails and ball screw: 25MM PMI linear square guide, it is an ultra-heavy type that achieves a deep grooved raceway with its diameter more approximate to the ball diameter and has high rigidity, vibration and shock resistance, and damping characteristics, which are required for machine tools. TBI ball screw for XYZ axis, make sure high accuracy during working.
7Table moveVacuum table and pump: Fully zoned vacuum table which allows the operator to easily switch from full sheet processing to smaller part processing. Zones can be turned off easily with the switches on the front of the machine. Gaskets can also be routed to accommodate various material sizes and styles. Air cooling vacuum pump offers enough power to hold the material on the vacuum table.
 Table moveCentral Oil Lubricator: Easier to lubricate the Guide units regularly.
9Table moveMist sprayer cooling system: Use alcohol or other coolants to spray mist to the tools during cutting, which makes the cutting edge smoother and protect the cutting tools.
10Table moveTool Sensor: Automatic tool length calibration and registration, it allows for easy and accurate “Z” zero position for single and multiple tool changes through the program, saves time & error-free.
11Table moveElectric Cabinet: All the electrical components are housed and wired in a mobile, double door electrical enclosure. This allows for easy access and service when needed. Every wire is tagged so that when service is required, the customer can easily navigate the cabinet.
12Table moveDesign software: the professional design software (Type3, UcancamV10, Artcam, etc.) is special for making 2D/3D drawing, saved it as G code which can be recognized by CNC router.
Seq.PictureDetail Instruction
1Table moveControl cabinet with air conditioner: the air conditional installed on the control cabinet, ensure the machine can be used in tropical area countries to reduce the temperature inside of the cabinet, avoid damage of the electric components
2Table moveAir Compressor 

ATC CNC Router Carving on Aluminum

ATC CNC Router Cut and Engrave Alu.

ATC CNC Router Cut Highlight Acrylic Letter

ATC CNC Router Cut Aluminum