Three Common Faults Of CNC Router

Nov 08 , 2018

Normal CNC router casually engraving

1. The control card is faulty;

2. Inverter interference;

3. The file path is incorrect;

4. Static interference;

5. There is a problem with the software settings;

6. The drive fault or current subdivision setting is incorrect;

7. Data line failure.

CNC router milling uneven

1. The spindle and the table are not perpendicular to the correction (performance symptoms: the depth of the lower knife and the knife is different);

2. The knife has a problem;

3. There is a problem with the control card;

4. There is a problem with the Z-axis drive or the Z-axis screw.

The plastic CNC router's engraving is different in depth.

1. The control card is loose or faulty;

2. Stepper motor failure;

3. Driver failure or current subdivision is inconsistent with software settings;

4. Z-axis motor line failure;

5. Spindle motor failure;

6. The inverter interference or data set is incorrect;

7. Static interference.

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