Multiple Rotary CNC Router(Gantry Move)

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1. Adopted heavy-duty industrial seamless welded design, construction and welding anti-deformation finite element method, and low-temperature annealing by the CNC to ensure optimum strength and rigidity.

2.  Use power mill software to make special design for realize 4 axis (XYZA) movements at the same time to realize 3D rotary engraving column material.

3. Wide Z plate ensures the balance during working to avoid vibration.

4. Use gear rack locking system instead of common screws to adjust and fix the rotary device, more tight and stable.

5. The number of rotary head and working size can be customized due to customer practical requirements.

6. Flat working table is optional for processing flat materials.


Material: engraving and cutting on various column materials, such as: wood, acrylic, PVC, ABS, aluminum, brass, etc.

Field: mostly used for making antique furniture, Mahogany furniture, European style furniture, doors, windows, stairs, handrails, Buddha, kitchen cabinet, bookcase, etc.

Max. Rotary Diameter150mm350mm250mm200mm
Max. Rotary Length900mm1000mm1200mm1300mm
Spindle Power1500W × 4PCS                   2200W × 4PCS2200W × 6PCS2200W × 6PCS
Motor DriverHybrid Servo Motor Panasonic Servo Motor (total 5sets)
Rotary TransmissionBelt TransmissionGear box (reduction rate: 1:25) 
XYZ TransmissionTBI Ball Screw for XYZ axis   TBI Ball Screw for Z axis, High precision Gear Rack for XY axis
Max Engraving Speed12000mm/m15000mm/minute
Air Cylinder SupportYes (300MM long air cylinder)
Oil Lubrication systemYes
Tool Diameter4,6, 8, 12mm
Body StructureThick steel tube welding
Guiding RailsXYZ Taiwan Linear Square Rails
Reposition Accuracy<0.03/300mm
Spindle Speed6000~24000rpm
Controller95A model 4 axis NC Studio Controller with handle wheel ( PC control )
Format of instructionsG code or HPGL
Voltage380V/60Hz or 220V/50HZ
Packing size(L*W*H)

1485x 1300x1750mm 

( 3.38CBM)

4200x2200x2200mm (20CBM)2700×2200×2200mm(13.1CBM)



Detail Instruction
1.Multiple Rotary CNC Router(Gantry Move)Base Frame: The heavier base frame is made of heavy-duty tubular steel that is welded, precisely machined by gantry milling machine and stress relieved by vibration device so that the foundation remains true and steady over the operational life of the machine.
2.Multiple Rotary CNC Router(Gantry Move)Multiple Cooling Spindle: Multiple spindles for mass processing on solid wood, MDF, acrylic, aluminum and plastics, etc; we offers different spindle options which available with 220V-2 Phase-50-60Hz or 220V-3 Phase-50-60Hz or 380V,3Phase-50-60Hz.Series of tools are available, for example, diameter 3.175mm,4mm,6mm,8mm and 12.7mm.
3.Multiple Rotary CNC Router(Gantry Move)Ball Screw: Use TBI ball screw for XZ axis, anti-Backlash center driven ball screws with 25mm or 40mm diameter and 0.01mm repositioning accuracy.
4.Multiple Rotary CNC Router(Gantry Move)Gear rack: XY axis use high accuracy gear rack. The combination for ball screw and gear rack makes machine working more accurate and stable.
5.Multiple Rotary CNC Router(Gantry Move)NC Studio 4 AXIS Controller: 95A model. PC based NC Studio Controller with friendlier human& machine interface/HMI, fully executed with computer. It well realizes high-speed and high-precision motion control. Handle wheel can be used to control the movement of machine.
6.Multiple Rotary CNC Router(Gantry Move)Control Cabinet: All the electrical components are housed and wired in a mobile, double door electrical enclosure. This allows for easy access and service when needed. Every wire is tagged so that when service is required, the customer can easily navigate the cabinet.
7.Multiple Rotary CNC Router(Gantry Move)Servo Motor: AC Servo motor for more smooth motion and triple working speed and they require no regular maintenance.
8.Multiple Rotary CNC Router(Gantry Move)Rotary Axis: Available with different cylinders, irregular objects, crutch and cylinder crafts with various diameters; we can put different number of rotary axis according to specified requirement.
9. Multiple Rotary CNC Router(Gantry Move)Central Lubricator: Easier to lubricate the Guide units regularly, just pull it gently and oil will go when it is needed.
10.Multiple Rotary CNC Router(Gantry Move)4 AXIS Software: You can use power-mill software to make processing of 3D files which was scanned with 3D scanner. We can make 4 axis movements, AXYZ axis can move at the same time. 

Seq.PictureDetail Instruction
1.Multiple Rotary CNC Router(Gantry Move)3D Scanner: with a 3D scanner, you can scan any objects which you want to make by machine, input the scan file generated by scanner to computer, and process it with postprocessor software, saved it as G code which can be recognized by CNC router.
2. Multiple Rotary CNC Router(Gantry Move)Control cabinet with air conditioner: the air conditional installed on the control cabinet, ensure the machine can be used in tropical area countries to reduce the temperature inside of the cabinet, avoid damage of the electric components
3Multiple Rotary CNC Router(Gantry Move)Dust Collecting System: each spindle equipped with a dust collecting brush, connect with a 2-cloth-bag dust collector via serval transparent plastic pipe.
4Multiple Rotary CNC Router(Gantry Move)Flat working table: Movable flat working table for processing flat materials.

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