Metal Mold CNC Milling Machine

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1. Machine body and working table is casting iron one time;

2. X beam adopt U shape casting one time.

3. Table Move structure, more stable and high precision.

4. All machine iron parts processed with high temperature heating treatment, then put into natural environment for more than 6 months, ensure no deformation permanent;

5. All the machine assembling parts processed by CNC Center, ensure high precision.



Mainly used for industry grade milling on metal with high precision for mold industry, like Stainless Steel, Aluminum, copper, etc.

Model VCT-4040B/SVCT-5060S/QS
Machine Size1100x870x1700mm/3.6'x2.85'x5.5'1610x1610x1860mm/5.27'x5.27'x6'
Table Size460×400mm/18''x15.7''560x650mm/22''x25.6''
Working Size400x400x120mm/15.7''x15.7''x4.7''500×600×180mm/19.7''x23.6''x7''
Z axis height220mm/8.66''270mm/10.6''
Spindle Power¢80mm 1.5KW water cooling or oil cooling  (Optional:¢100mm/3.0KW, ¢110mm/4kw, ¢125mm/5.5kw)
Spindle Rotation7000~24000rpm
Motor DriverStepper Motor 60 or Mitsubishi 400WJapan Mitsubishi 400W or 750W
Transmission XYZ High Precision Grinding Ball Screw
XYZ Rails HIWIN H Class Linear Square Rails
Dust-proof System XYZ High Quality Dust Cover
XYZ Motion positioning accuracy4040B: ±0.015/300mm4040S: ±0.012/300mm±0.012/300mm
XYZ Re-positioning accuracy4040B: ±0.01mm4040S: ±0.008mm±0.008mm
Idle speed4040B: 10m/min4040S: 12m/min12m/min
Max. Cutting Speed4040B: 5m/min ; 4040S: 6m/min6m/min
Control SystemNC Studio 6B/6ANC Studio 6A/Syntec 21MA
Machine Coverno coverHalf cover or full cover
Support Format  HPGL G code or HPGLHPGL G code or HPGL
Working Voltage220V/50Hz220V/50Hz
Net Weight0.6T2.5T
Optional Model3020B/S, 3030B, 4050S/QS, 4242S/QS,6060S/QS,5080S/QS,6080S/QS,7080QS, 8080QS
Seq.PictureDetail Instruction
1Metal Mold CNC Milling MachineMachine body Structure: Machine body and working table is casting iron one time; X beam adopt U shape casting one time. All machine iron parts processed with high temperature heating treatment for 2 times, then put into natural environment for more than 6 months, ensure no deformation permanent; Table move structure, more stable and higher accuracy.
2Metal Mold CNC Milling MachineSpindle Motor : Wuxi RongHua high quality spindle, water cooling or oil cooling, max. Rotation speed is 24000rpm.
3Metal Mold CNC Milling MachineLinear Guide and Ball Screw: XYZ adopt Taiwan HIWIN H-class linear bearing and rails, use imported high precision grinding ball screw, guarantee the working accuracy.
4Metal Mold CNC Milling MachineCNC Controller: NC Studio 6A controller or Taiwan Syntec controller which is for high accuracy positioning. It is capable of USB flash drives and is very easy for users to do wiring and can save a lot of time.
5Metal Mold CNC Milling MachineControl Cabinet: Enclosed control cabinet which is good for protecting all electronic component. It can be separated cabinet, or fixed together with machine body.
6Metal Mold CNC Milling MachineServo Driving System: This is a fully closed loop servo system using Japan servo motors & drives. The motors are very smooth running and have very good acceleration and deceleration curves. Servo motor connects with Japan SIMPO reducer which can decrease and control Reverse Gap, ensure the working accuracy. 
7Metal Mold CNC Milling MachineCentral Oil Lubricator: Easier to lubricate the Guide units regularly, just pull it gently and oil will go when it is needed.
8Metal Mold CNC Milling MachineCooling system: Use oil or other coolants to spray liquid to the tools during cutting, which makes the cutting edge smoother and protect the cutting tools.
9Metal Mold CNC Milling MachineTool Sensor: Automatic tool length calibration and registration, it allows for easy and accurate “Z” zero position for single and multiple tool changes through the program, saves time & error-free.
10Metal Mold CNC Milling MachineDesign software: the professional design software (Type 3, UcancamV10, Artcam,etc.)is special for making 2D/3D drawing, saved it as G code which can be recognized by CNC router.
Seq.PictureDetail Instruction
  1Metal Mold CNC Milling MachineRemovable rotary axis: for processing column materials.Rotary axis fixed on the working table by screws, can be removed easily for normal use.
  2Metal Mold CNC Milling MachineAuto Tool Changer: Optional ATC system, offers Maximum 6pcs BT30/ER25 tool holders, special ATC spindle with stable quality. Compatible with Taiwan Syntec 6MA control system, more speed and accuracy. 

Metal Mold CNC with Rotary milling steel part

Metal Mold ATC CNC Router Milling Steel