Roll Label Cutter VCT-LCR

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1. It can be compatible with any roll to roll label printer.

2.Servo ARMS: It can realize contour cutting automatically with the assistance of red light positioning system. This system can sense the printed mark point to realize accurate cutting.

3.User-friendly designed operating software "label studio" can easily make file for printing and cutting by one step and help you save materials.

4. Label Studio software: designed by Australia DragonCut Company, combined the functions of making layout for printing and cutting. The distance between each label can be adjusted easily, avoiding material waste. You can use it make file in PDF to be printed on any roll to roll label printers.

5. It also can sense different media's light-reflection to adjust sense sensitivity by itself to upgrade the cutting precision.

6. With auto feeding system and waste-removal system, can realize label making automatically with high efficiency.

7. This machine is featured as fast and precise cutting for kinds of different labels, very suitable for small production.


Field: All field related with labels, such as Advertising Industry, Decoration Industry, Packing Industry etc.

Material: Stickers, Glossy paper, PET, PP, PVC, PC, Wall Paper etc.

Machine ModelRoll Label Cutter VCT-LCR
Max. media feeding size16'' (406mm)
Max. cutting width12''(305mm)
Max. cutting length for one time12'' (300mm)
Max. cutting straight-line speed37.8'' /s (960mm/s)
Max. cutting curve-line speed23.6''/s (600mm/s)
Motor power25watt
Max. down force750g (3g/step)
CPU64 BIT DSP 32M Flash
Repeating precision0.082mm
Noise35 DB OR LESS
Compatible softwareLabel Studio from DragonCut
Software functions1) Automatic offset sensor;2) automatic inductive value;3) control identification mark.
Ambient temperature5 - 35 degrees
Support File FormatHPGL commands
Packing size38.6''x28''x18.1'' (980x710x460mm)
G.W / N.W110/75kgs  (154.3lb/121.3lb)

Seq.PictureDetail Instruction
1. hole.jpgFan inhaling hole: it can adsorb the material to the machine tightly, ensure the sensor scanning the mark point more convenient and high precision.
2.  2. ruler.jpgRuler: check the ruler number when feeding the media to adjust deviation, ensure the input and output error less than 1mm.
3.3.roller pinch.jpgRoller Pinch: the distance between each roller can be adjusted to fit for different size media.
4.4.Media fixture.jpgMedia fixture: special for fixing the media on the correct position without offset.
5. 5.USB line slot.jpgUSB line slot: fix the USB line , avoid accidental slip. 
6.  6. Waste-removal switch.jpgWaste-removal switch: you can use it to control the waste removal function ON/OFF,easily and convenient. 
7. 7.Control panel.jpgControl panel: with English interface, it supports online file transfer with U flash memory, control the cutting speed, pressure and movement of the media, etc.
8. 8.Red light positioning sensor.jpgRed light positioning system: with the assistance of red light positioning system, it can sense the printed mark point to realize accurate contour cutting automatically. 
9.   9 Mark Point.pngMark point: it’s generated automatic by label studio software.
10. 10 Label Studio Software.jpgLabel Studio software: designed by Australia company, combined the functions of making layout for printing and cutting. You can use it make file in PDF to be printed on any roll to roll label printers. Then you put the paper on the cutter, use this software to cut the labels, it’s multi-functional and user-friendly software.