Sheet Label Cutter VCT-LCS

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1. Lightweight space-saving design, servo motor control system.

2. Constant paper feeding mechanism ensure continuous multi-sheet cutting.

3.Improved paper feeding system delivers consistent thick paper cutting with zero paper jams.

4. Optimized paper induction system to direct the paper status automatically.

5. Unique mark system saves paper waste.

6. Automatic mark detection increases scan and cut accuracy.

7. Intelligent sensor design, seven sensors working in cooperation to deliver outstanding cutting results.


Material: Photo Paper, T-shirt Transfer Paper, Photo Quality Inkjet Card, Stickers, Glossy paper, Transparent Films, etc.

Field: All field related with labels, such as Advertising Industry, Decoration Industry, Packing Industry etc.

Sheet to sheet Label cutter(A3+)
Max. straight line cutting speed960mm/s
Max. force750g (3g/step)
Max. Media length19''/488mm
Max. media width13''/330mm
0-3000 RPM time< 20 MS (idle load); <1200 MS (working)
Encoder signalphysical 1016 line/ round, logical 4064 line/round
WeightNW/GW: 45kg/65kg
Packing size90x60x40cm/0.25cbm
1Sheet Label Cutter VCT-LCSControl panel: with English interface, it supports online file transfer with U flash memory, control the cutting speed, pressure and movement of the media, etc.
2Sheet Label Cutter VCT-LCSCutting head: special designed cutting head ensure high precise and stable cutting. With the assistance of red light positioning system. It can realize contour cutting automatically.
3Sheet Label Cutter VCT-LCSDouble press roller and punctures: it will ensure the machine can cut tail end of the media.
4Sheet Label Cutter VCT-LCSDouble punctures and roller: special filter device for feeding paper to avoid feeding 2 or more pieces of paper at one time. This roller can rotate in opposite direction to send back extra paper. 
5Sheet Label Cutter VCT-LCSRuler: check the ruler number when feeding the media to adjust deviation, ensure the input and output error less than 1mm.
6Sheet Label Cutter VCT-LCSUSB and SD interface: you can input the cutting file with SD card or USB flash disc and then cut the media directly without connection with PC.
7Sheet Label Cutter VCT-LCSUSB line Slot: fix the USB line, avoid accidental slip.
8Sheet Label Cutter VCT-LCS

Servo motor: for more smooth motion and high speed, they require no regular